MAN AND FLOW OF EVENTS. OR HOW to achieve harmony?

Body of Person Time is overcrowded.
A child comes out (is born) from the space, and for a while there is (partly).
But as they grow older, "overgrown armor" stereotypes to form an excess density (psycho-energy and mental blocks, clamps, etc.). They even have on our body and mind (!!!) a huge impact: causing preconditions for welfare or nischite, health or disease, or calm anger and irritability ...
One of the wise men once said: "Be passersby.ยป
That is, watch and do not interfere ...
It's easy when the observer is a party, but when he varishsya the epicenter of events ...
To stop the internal storm, you can use the practice Three shelters (described earlier), and to deal with internal prichinami- "blocks", we will practice the following:

Select for "block" that prevents you from living.
Connect Information fingers little finger with the little finger and the ring with the ring. Brushes relaxed, fingers gently, without stress, touching the pads, keeping his gaze on a "block" (eg, fear), it will manifest in your imagination in the form of a certain image.
Enter the block, ducked into it (like diving into an underwater cave).
Immerse yourself in the very epicenter of this structure. You can imagine how you go down in the elevator, or whirlpool, or your own version)))
Fear will grow, grow. Do not fight it. When we fight, we lose power, and he receives it and finds great power over us.
Just watch!
After reaching peak condition, experiencing it. And a wave of fear immediately begin to weaken. Wait for complete attenuation of fear and advance the state of comfort, joy, liberation and peaceful tranquility!

At first glance, a simple practice is very powerful and effective tool to restore harmonious relations of man and the flow of events.

This practice can be safely used to correct various situations (even in a critical phase). When this result can be obtained within minutes / hours (depending on many factors)!


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