Create a "force field" between your palms. If you know how to do it, no problem. If you do not know how, then, place your hands at belly palms facing each other at a distance of 20 to 30 cm, and then slowly arches and spread them - with the feeling of "field" is usually caused by itself.

You can try to "breathe" through the palms of the hands, as if the pumping force in a space separating them, you can just keep your arms still contemplating separating them "void." If necessary, use all the tricks - some of them will work.

Once the field is created, say "ball" - "field" obediently take a spherical shape - in this form it becomes stable and can exist without the support of our. That is, we have created an external embodiment of our forces, which can operate without the usual restrictions.

Concentrate on the ball and said the following words:

"I name thee keeper of my body.

You are moving non-stop inside it, all its structures, are moving freely, without encountering resistance.

Is a place of damage and fix them, restore the integrity of the physical structure.

Was a hearth disease and destroy them completely and without reserve.

You find alien structure and cast them out of my body.

And when everything is corrected, destroyed and banished stops in the lower part of the stomach, creating a feeling of bodily comfort.

But here you have to keep track of the status of all physical structures and are set in motion at the slightest sign of a threat.

And then cope with this threat - you do it very easily.

Because you can use all the power enclosed in my body - I give you this right ยป.

Once you have written Speak structure "ball" will begin to change - it will come to some internal movement. Once you feel it, put "ball" in the abdomen - it is easier to do it through the navel. Sometimes its movement within the body significantly, sometimes it does not - it does not matter, in any case, the Guardian will work. In the first couple of weeks worth every day to extract it from the body, to say the newly written. It's easy, you just have to put his hands to the navel and say: "... The Guardian" - it immediately would be between your hands. Once the desired way, put it back.

In the future, the need to do it will disappear - the Guardian would be a stable structure, and your body will have to work without your participation.


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