Shambala - a state of enlightened souls.

Shambhala - the location of the Great Teachers, promoting the evolution of humanity. It is considered as the location of the Gobi desert and the Himalayas Shambhala The idea was brought into the modern esoteric tradition Elena Blavatekoy and was subsequently developed by representatives postteosofii such as Charles Ice-beater, and especially Alice Bailey and Nicholas Roerich.

In "The Secret Doctrine" Blavatsky E. Shambhala identifies with the White Island, located in central Asia, or from the "sacred island in the Gobi Desert." Shambhala called the place where the last representatives of a Lemurian found their refuge. It was in Shambhala, according to Helena Blavatsky, the coming Messiah would be born, in which different peoples and religions expect under different names - Kapka Ava-packaging Vishnu, Maitreya Buddha, the Messiah on the White Horse, Christ.

Helena Blavatsky, who claimed that she was in contact with the Great White Lodge of the Himalayan adepts, mentioned Shambhala in several of his books, calling it a central governing body of the Great White Lodge, and pointing out that Shambhala has a physical location in the world, but access to it can only get worthy aspirant.

Alice Bailey put the headquarters of the Great White Brotherhood to Shambhala, and did not consider it as a physically existing place, but rather as an intangible town.

The central point of the Hierarchy is at Shamballa, the center in the Gobi desert, which in ancient books called "White Island." This center exists in etheric matter, and when the human race in the world will develop etheric sight, the location of the center will be set up and its reality will be recognized.

In his works, Alice Bailey draws an analogy between the energy centers of the human and the respective centers of the planetary Logos (the Earth), and felt that Shambhala corresponds to the person Sahasrara Chakra, and the main activities of Shambhala "is bringing the basic principle of life itself to any form within planetary Rings -not the planetary Life or Logos, in the distribution and circulation of ensuring this principle ».

In the work of Helena and Nicholas Roerich idea of ​​Shambhala is important. Nicholas Roerich, who visited Central Asia in the years 1924-28, claimed that he personally heard countless stories of Shambhala, a new religious movement Roerich, Agni Yoga, built around the worship of fire Shambhala.

Nicholas Roerich wrote a series of paintings inspired the Shambhala. In his books, in particular in the "Heart of Asia", he tried to convey to the West "the most sacred word" and "the cornerstone concept of Asia", telling about Shambhala, about its meaning, the Great Lord of Shambhala - Rigden Jyepo. In his letters to Helena Roerich called Shambhala Stronghold of Great Knowledge and Light, the existing "since time immemorial, and standing at unchangeable Watch of the evolution of mankind, observing and imbedding into the salutary direction for world events." Helena Roerich talked about the connection of all the Great Masters of Shambhala, which it unseemly called Mahatmas, or the White Brothers.

The Agni Yoga is believed that at different times of Shambhala appears under different guises in connection with the concept of the century, and that by studying the Asian legend of Shambhala, you can walk to the ancient teachings associated with Siberia. And about how to approach the Community of Shambhala says so: & quot; ... go through labor, go through the shield of faith ... the heart and go "cup" to adopt the path & quot ;.

Another version says that Shambhala - a state of mind, the connection between man and God. That is to find Shambhala means to attain enlightenment. It is also believed that Shambhala - the center of the world where there is a source or a kind of crystal, or substance, giving life to all beings on Earth.


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