We are in the process of the Great Shift.

The degradation of the mind in a state of negative thinking under the constant supervision of the demiurge, Satan led the entire system of the dark forces in the world to a radical self-restraint and isolation of the Planet, which is the fatal factor for the whole of our existing civilization today. Using ancient techniques of mass consciousness coding for continuous monitoring of the mass allowed the dark lock Planetary Space complex on the Day of the solar system, but the Great Transition nevertheless became a turning point for the possible bias of the Planet Earth from Space bottom on the higher realms of stay.

The Great Shift is not a transient event in its aftermath. If someone has the illusion that it can simply wait, as the wait out the heavy rain under the awning, and then go out when the sun comes out, it is deeply mistaken view.

Let me remind you that the period of possible Nekarmicheskogo Care, Exit from the Earth has already passed. Who was - for the most part have to go through. All you need is a lot of hard work to create conditions for the upcoming take-off (and for someone of the Assumption). Very much mistaken, and will pay those who think that everything is over, those who have lost faith and quit work for the Common Good. True, According to your faith will be rewarded! And for the Causes of the best!

Once over the Great Shift, the Earth will never be the same. It will change so dramatically that there will be no room for the existence of old antielity serving darkness. It simply can no longer be on this planet because of the increase in the frequency of vibration and change of the Earth position its place in Time and Space (leaving Earth from outer bottom Sunny Torah).

This Hierarchy of Light is already in the world. It will be manifested as readiness to accept a new paradigm of society in relation to the Creator of the present civilization. Its location is unmanifested not surprising, as the open representation of the Forces of Light in the Darkness would be premature. But the Great Transition to immediately identify the person, who immediately will designate themselves as servants of the common good, that will take care of all the hardships of the transition process in the field. People see them in informal leaders who can not only organize all the necessary rescue measures during the transition and will continue to have effect in rehabilitation and other urgent work for the Common Good. "By their works know!ยป
They will present the elite in the Realm of Light, which will take its place in the world right after the Great Shift.

After a while there will be implementation of the principle known as the "hundredth monkey". Although the effect is disputed by the scientific community in the direct treatment, that its meaning. When a monkey learns some new behavior, she passes it in the usual way the other, another third ... but when, conventionally, the hundredth monkey learns this behavior, all the monkeys everywhere, regardless of the distance separating them include it in their activities, regardless of contact they are together or not. Evidence different, and it is given here only as an illustration, but the idea behind quite right: exactly that and people can thus collectively develop. We are talking about spiritual development and the awakening of humanity in connection with the introduction into the world of Duality third component called spiritual. After reaching a specific number of Initiates at the critical point of bifurcation happens that long-awaited moment when people everywhere subside veil from his eyes, and they clearly understand and see the illusion of the world of the demiurge-Satan. How soon will it happen? Soon, so soon you will even be pleasantly surprised by this event.


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