What You Should Know Women in different age periods.

1. Apricots - both nourishing and restorative remedy recommended in menopause, pregnant women, edema, cardiac arrhythmias, and hypertension. Dose: 100-150 g per day.

2. Uterine bleeding during menopause, heavy and painful periods, and when scarce or absent, can be treated with daily administration, 1-2 cups, tea from the flowers of red clover.

3. When the menstrual cycle, pains, tea with linden flowers is simply irreplaceable. Women over 45 need to once every six months for a month in the morning drinking a cup of lime tea and menopause can not be afraid: it will come much later than the same age, and is painless, no bleeding. Tumors of the female reproductive organs (fibroadenoma, fibroids) treated with lime tea too. For this purpose it is necessary to collect lime color only at the new moon, it is one - two days, and then the color has lost antitumor effect. Drink permanently. All the healing properties of limes worse when adding a 1: 1 sage.

4. The leaves, flowers and seeds of nasturtiums. If there is a weakness, squirmy nerves are all annoying, melancholy and depression appear unexpectedly. The leaves and flowers can be dried, crushed seeds in a coffee grinder and use it where you apply salt and spices. By the way, very helpful and men.


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