"Big Bang" on the spiritual path:

Each drive on the spiritual path and the reasons for their circumstances. Each carries its karmic burden, unresolved problems from the past and current problems of the present. So how many people - so many ways. But the top of all is one - creation is connected with the Creator.
In pursuit of this, many schools already attained by mankind, exercises, movements, techniques and methods. And though in different ways, but they all lead to the return of personal consciousness in the transcendental. Therefore, this variety can be distinguished one thing in common.

Expansion of consciousness:
Usually this meeting, or to a person, or a group, or with a book - and swings another world. Opening up hitherto unknown knowledge; concepts, changing views on all around; new beliefs, different philosophy. This kind of "big bang" in a person's life, as piqued world, changing the perception, vivid impressions affect not only mental, but also lying next to him, more energy-dense emotional body and the more subtle karmic plan. After all, in life there are new people, old ties are broken, changing relationships with others, a person commits acts unexpectedly before. This new world is so fascinated that many remain in this phase for all.
But everything is done in a horizontal plane, on a personal level. Especially as long as people continue to live in identifying himself with the thoughts and emotions, ego is very strong. And, keep worrying about their survival, it raises obstacles to spiritual growth. The most common - "Lie to Me," and the so-called "comfort zone».

Lying to yourself as a means of psychological defense:

Over the years, we have formed in the subconscious mental image of how we wanted to be, and how it is important to perceive around us. It was he who inclines us to talk to exaggerate their strengths and achievements, or vice versa, to underestimate them, to cause the praise of others, so necessary for raising low self-esteem. Hence the invention of all sorts of excuses, instead of honestly imagine that actually happening. And behind all this is the fear of being unworthy of love, but by and large - the fear of death.
But we begin to believe in their inventions, because really want to be like the subconscious ideal for your favorite guru to those notions of the spiritual man, which developed from various external information sources. Until we discover who we are-there-we are afraid to be bad. We make idols, tried even in something to be like them, and define ourselves through them.
These illusions are protected by the fact that we do not notice them. And the first step to their debunking - track his motives and reactions. That comes from the ego, is aimed at the recognition of the external world and is waiting for approval and applause. That which is born of the soul, devoid of importance and significance, it is sincerely and unselfishly.

"Comfort Zone».
Its peculiarity is that the upcoming changes cause fear, panic, and up to a nervous breakdown. So ego or survival program keeps us in a supposedly safe, "stable" area: it changes bring with them unknown. And we are afraid of him: what if we lose control, and it is equivalent to the individual impotence.
But if we are interested in spiritual growth, we are beginning to quietly, slowly, push the boundaries of "comfort zone" and let the new in your life. This helps the belief that everything is given to us by our commitment, and that higher cosmic forces are always and protect us.
And then, sooner or later comes the realization that the true resistance arises from within. And seek safety outside, means to give their power to others.
So the ego becomes the basis of the stop changes.
From opinion - to the senses.
Any, even the most positive beliefs - belonging mental level. They are doing their job when expanding our consciousness, but after a while, become an obstacle. They - the judgment, therefore, have its opposite. And their energy, like any thought, belongs to the plan, from which it is necessary to go out, to go up to the next step.
There comes a time when you need to determine for yourself why we are on the spiritual path. We long for peace, balance, happiness, love, joy? Knowledge of Who-I-am connected to Soul, the Spirit of God? Depending on this, reviewed many of the values. And often esoteric debate, clever books, schools and trends, so that inspired earlier become meaningless: they do not meet the new challenges. Then begin, sometimes long search that is consonant with what soul responds.
But whatever doctrine we choose, if we believe that people - being the energy that everything around - a different energy, wrapped in the appropriate form and meaning of events open to the subtle plane, becomes relevant to learn (as possible) the world with his unlimited possibilities.
The problem here is that, in contact with something or someone, we automatically (!) Included thoughts and opinions, that is, the mental-emotional evaluation. And to feel the energy we need something quite different - a holistic perception. It is beyond the power of all separates, Blunt mind and intellect, which explains all the concepts known to him. This occurs through the senses. But for that we need to "reach out" to them, the frequency of its radiation.
They come from another space where there is no thought, where there is a clear three-dimensional knowledge that comes from within. It can not be no one to hear and read anywhere. Feelings - a knowledge of himself as a divine being, a plunge into the depths, where it comes from the best solution. It is touch and connect with another person, thereby avoiding many of the problems and failures in the relationship. This - the space of Soul with a variety of shades of true love, and it is - Wisdom.
The transition to this level - not a simple or immediate. We'll have to get rid of all pulling for low vibration - a complex, long-standing resentment, guilt, clues for the near and dear people. Not to be caused by the professional approach, years of experience, knowledge and common views. That is, as much as possible to clear his personal emotional mental space. How? Through forgiveness, acceptance, thoughtless, the development of feelings.
And when that first step, we let into our consciousness as the information becomes a real experience, there is a quantum leap, break the mental space. This is similar to inspiration, which leads to an unusually high state. When this happens for the first time, it is - the next "Big Bang" in the life of a spiritual seeker.
We aspire to such gifts coming from the soul, but they do not occur often. A startled ego is activated and attracts heavy life situations, outbreaks of destructive negative emotions. Falls is more than ups.
And then we can easily fall into the trap of "Impatience».

The desire to get a quick result - a serious obstacle that blocks the movement of energy and lowers the frequency that we are extremely dissatisfied, we are nervous that everything happens, is not as fast as you want. Growing doubt, frustration, and sometimes they come to despair. And often, this leads to the fact that at this stage many complete their spiritual path. But behind all this, as well as for any negative emotion, it is only fear.
And if you deal with it, it becomes apparent that there is in all its natural rhythm, and it does not always coincide with the desired pace. A goal requires the implementation of the energy shift, that is, to increase the frequency, and it is - a serious change in itself, unpredictable at the time the internal process. So instead of irritation and impatience of waiting, you just need to quietly accept what is, and believe, expecting nothing.
The period of transformation and Faith.

Believe - so with all my heart to all beings strive for what I want to arrive at.
The more developed the mental, the longer and harder the transition. And support is the only faith that it is possible that unselfish love, unity, the Creator within us - there is, and therefore achievable.
During this period, all the components of our system - all the body, psyche, energy - are transformed, sometimes physically difficult to move. Changes and thinking. We make sure that, as far as relative "truth" of each of us that the view depends on the level of knowledge, philosophy, ideology, that life is complex and multidimensional, and it is impossible to reach any reasoning or abstract concepts.
How to rise above the opposition, how to live in love and joy in a world full of suffering and sorrow as to bridge the gap between what I know and what I can not really feel?
From hopelessness saves the same faith.
In response Providence connects us with the earthly and cosmic teachers that help is directed to the fact that higher transcendental state - bliss, delight, ecstasy, infinity, love - come more often. We lose them, because what else are not on these frequencies, but they are learning to return, and gradually get used to these energies. This is - the process. Long. As we otnesёmsya him - again, a matter of faith, which gives rise to patience and inspiration for independent practice. And it is - the strength of our aspiration, and a form of credibility, and to those great beings that we are.
In unity with the "I».
Gradually, we grow to the ability to consciously enter into higher states and stay in them all the more. Faith rewarded reality itself.
At some point in the depth of penetration of the "I" opens Some mice there. And it's - delight, close to the shock, another "big bang" on the spiritual path. It was impossible to imagine or describe. This bliss, joy and peace. This latitude that has no boundaries, and at the same time, a clear sense of "I" as its unique frequency, which is usually called Presence. It is inconceivable, as God. The past, all the achievements, successes and failures, all social roles, ideas about themselves - all pales. Subject identification disappears by itself when you identifitsiruesh yourself with this 'I', for the rest of you are just watching. The question of self-love, too, seems a bit naive: it is you love. She engulfing, demands nothing but makes everything implicated. But awareness does not allow to be too pious and to take on the problems of others. At the same time, a willingness to help when it is really needed.
No comparison, ideals and idols no longer have power over you, they can not compare to the wonderful, perfect, infinitely rich and generous to those who you are. You feel its uniqueness, independence, responsibility, and dignity .... And with it - a deep respect for the uniqueness of others. Questions connected with the answers, integrated duality, no estimates and judgments, and the self-realized intelligence becomes an instrument of the Spirit.
We are all drawn to this. We all want peace, joy, happiness and, of course, love. But we associate it with something external and ties, are dependent on those who, in our judgment, it can give. But the calm, peace, joy, happiness, that we are originally exist within us and nothing outside is not caused. They. They are - different vibration, but they are all out of love, accompanied by Love, and we to them gradually, "according volosochku" vibration climb. Initially, this peak state, they delight and amaze, it directs us to a reunion with the soul, and then they become natural for us. Her gifts - great grace. It is our "I».
This does not mean that life goes from suffering, pain, unpleasant situations - because the reality is everything. But the relationship to this - another.
Comes complete exemption of any "Must!" No no obligation to loved ones or in front of children and relatives, superiors and colleagues. Teachers. In front of. In a state of quiescence depth break all limits, all boundaries, and there is a merging with the River of Life. And in this great lightness and complete freedom of all comes not from the rules of morality and ethics, and from within, out of gratitude and love to the children, relatives, colleagues, teachers, to himself and to God.
No levels above, below, better, worse. There is a path of certain stages. Few reach the Unity Consciousness, when the whole universe is their home, and all of humanity - their family. The energy of these people brings a special grace and humanity. They love, no highlighting, value life, not holding on for her. They learn to live from the heart, to strive for the Light within ourselves as the beacon that leads through life and never forget who-we-there.


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