20 fantastic films that you tear off from reality

People often dreams about the future or the future of the alternative, creating incredible stories. Website has made a selection of excellent examples of science fiction films that open the door to another universe.

Cloud Atlas h3> Cloud Atlas

According to the authors of the film, each character in the film there is more than one year and even century, humanity has long because the subject of reincarnation. By varying guises and the fate of people living their lives for one another, where each next - the continuation of the previous one. The same objectives, but different people and age. Past, present and future come together to show us a single story.

Martian h3> The Martian

This time, Robinson Crusoe was alone not on the island, and a little further - on Mars. The fascinating story of human survival in conditions that are not intended for people in general. Despite the sharp and dynamic plot, raises a serious theme, the picture is not devoid of humor, even the opposite. Although it can help the irony in desperate situations?

Home h3> Inception

The film, which is transferred to the reality of the dream, and the actions of people in it can change your whole life. The hero of the picture for a long time used to wander in the rooms of others dreams, carefully removing the secrets from the depths of the human subconscious. This unique ability makes him a master spy and the fugitive, denying all that expensive. Wanting to return to his life, he decided on a dangerous and impossible trick.

Edge of Tomorrow h3> Edge of Tomorrow

This Groundhog Day, but in the battle with the aliens. Major William Cage is killed during the devastating collision with the alien race, but not disappear, and back again. Time after time, the hero is going through the same battle, in the hope that he could find a way to win.

Equilibrium h3> Equilibrium

Can you imagine a world in which not allowed to smile, listen to music, yelling at a noisy neighbor or just enjoy life? The authors have come up with pictures of a society in which any feelings banned, and their possible manifestations blocked medicine, that all went according to plan. The system works, pursuing violators, everything is fine. But what if you are the defender of the system, which no longer believe?

Gattaca h3> Gattaca

The ideal life of the future, where each new birth is planned in detail, and even programmed in the laboratory. The main character is not lucky: he was born in love and got qualities that are considered weighty disadvantages: emotion, susceptibility to passions, faith in dreams. To gain respect, he has to hide its label of "not suitable».

12 monkeys h3> 12 Monkeys

A great science fiction film about a post-apocalyptic future where a terrible incurable virus is almost completely destroyed the Earth's population. However, all is not lost and you can save all, if you go back in a time machine and help scientists prevent a catastrophe.

Source Code h3> Source Code

Source Code - the program that is used to back in the last 8 minutes of life, and find out the cause of his death. This is not a way to prevent tragedy and save the lost, and the only possibility to find the culprits. After the explosion, the train Coulter ordinary soldier forced back into someone else's body, until it finds a bomb and shooter.

The Matrix h3> The Matrix

How real is the world in which we live? We really exist or is it just an illusion, in other words, the Matrix? Brilliant film the Wachowski brothers, has generated a huge response in the society and became the inspiration for comics, video games, anime, and the following two films of the trilogy. But we can not explain what the Matrix is, you can only see.

It h3> Her

Incredibly romantic, funny and subtle film about love. About love to the operating system! This is not as silly as you might think. Yes, you can not fall in love with the car, which is only responsible for the given algorithm, but you can if you think that she alone understands you ...

Special opinion h3> Minority Report

2054. Thanks to the incredible progress of a department that is using the pilot program can detect have not committed a crime. This system is ideal as not blame you in the future murder.


What is the chance meeting with extraterrestrial intelligence? Among patients with a psychiatric institute a mysterious stranger appears in black glasses. He claims that he came from another planet and very clearly shows its origins.

Interstellar h3> Interstellar

Mysterious space journey in a distant galaxy, an incredible time dilation and the mystery of black holes. Sci-fi movie is not for nothing was the Oscar for best visual effects, because they create an atmosphere of total immersion in the plot, forced to be close to the characters, and worry about them.

The Moon 2112 h3> Moon

After three years of a lonely life on the moon and communicate only with the robot Gerty Sam suddenly meets a stranger, which is strikingly similar to it. Is it a reality or just his imagination, which clouded mind consumed with loneliness?

Gravity h3> Gravity

Suspense fiction thriller, which won many awards in different countries. In the story of Dr. Ryan Stone is sent on his first space mission, during her terrible accident occurs which destroys the ship. As a result of the heroine and her commander are in open space, in a totally black space with no hope of salvation.

The area number 9 h3> District 9

Aliens - friends or foes? Peaceful neighbors or hostile creatures? The film is about the present, in which the Earth was the salvation for alien refugees. The international community is organizing a temporary camp for them, not expecting situtsiya can get out of control.

I - the beginning h3> I Origins

Science-fiction film about the possible existence of human reincarnation. Molecular biologist investigating the eye pattern, trying to answer the question: is it possible to regain consciousness, or the soul of a loved one, if he's gone forever?

Time h3> In Time

The film paints a compelling future of the world where there are no old people and diseases, where life can flow forever. There is only one condition: you must buy a new day. This rule became the basis of a gigantic system that divides the world into castes: those who can pay and those who can not do it. Can two people exist in different worlds unite and repel all-consuming mechanism?

Mad Max: Fury Road h3> Mad Max: Fury Road

Desert, chaos and a lone wolf, trying to survive in all this. The film shows a society where there are no moral laws. People are fighting for the fuel - the only thing that allows you to move forward, because there is no alternative. Rules of the game changed completely, became rigid and unscrupulous, and her reward is now - just life.

Sunshine h3> Sunshine

The sun in our eyes represents life. What happens if at some point goes out? I think the end is obvious. In the film, humanity is faced with this problem in 2057. In order to save the luminary sent a spaceship with a bomb that exploded, the star will return to life.

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