Crash and confusion:

Problems - it is possible to find another way for the development of his new life ...
The article is devoted to those who pass an intensive way to change yourself and your consciousness. Our real-time changes occur with great speed, but to understand how to change our lives, it is good to look back on the last day and say to yourself, "OK! we did it! I do not where he was yesterday ».
"If the problem can be solved, do not worry about it. If the problem is insoluble, it is pointless to worry about ».
The Dalai Lama

The flow of energy going in the progressive rhythm, and we can see how in a period of our lives are filled, dynamic, and then suddenly ... for no apparent reason, everything freezes, freezes, stops ...
And it seems that in any way it can not be moved.
Left without action, without the usual activities, many of us have doubts, anxiety, confusion, frustration, and even panic: "How to live if everything stopped?»
We want new responses to old problems, for obsolete, repetitive day-to-day scenes ... but there is a slippage, repeat, repeat ... again, the next day did not bring the desired updates.
But perhaps, in these pauses occur invisible for us to change?
If all our desires, ideas and thoughts of the old life script are only codes of the old psychological program, first of all, we are changing their reaction and their attitude to what is happening to us.
Our emotions are close object introspection ...., We increasingly find fault in the program, and in these moments of failure rises something hidden from our understanding.
The most common reaction - is standing up to his full height resistance! It arises as a consequence of our unfulfilled expectations, protest and "stamping feet" at all "higher" that we have here a disgrace that there is no end in sight ...
Releasing couples in a way that is accessible to you, you should take a deep breath ... and exhale all the stress and anxiety. Somehow we must come to terms with the ongoing reality, accept it and go through this zone of ignorance.
We can not analyze the mind, we called that for us has no form, has not yet been formulated and shaped ...
Maybe because when life is restarted experience? To be born again without dying!
Without that, we, for some reason, completes his physical life and the new birth obtain an updated consciousness, an updated content of life and other conditions ...

Reboot and symptoms
1. Health has some other symptoms not directly related to the disease, but the body often behaves strangely (each with its own set, I will not enumerate). There are failures, plunging us into a special weakness by changing the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness.
Some of us have experienced serious diagnoses and, it seems, is quite right: the continuation of life - proof. It can be operated healing mechanism, with the help of conventional medicine.
Some observed all the same rejuvenating effect without artificial measures, such as plastic surgery or braces (...), or the inhibition of aging, as an indication of activation of DNA.
Changes daily diet, tastes, needs less food, especially became apparent - rarely go to the grocery stores.
2. If your environment has changed, or you do not find the strength to force myself to keep former ties - most likely your consciousness shifted, changing its coordinate system. It says nothing about the people who were in your life, it means you and your changes in the information field of your consciousness.
3. You do not find old emotions and energy to communicate with people with whom to communicate easily and often. Call a friend and congratulate birthday requires incredible effort! Write a letter to the relatives of encouragement or show elementary attention becomes a feat.
We found that communication is back on track ... does not flow, the energy does not support the old rules of decency and rituals, not in contact with the traditions and ways of expressing themselves still.
Former relationships and interactions with people, the usual, well-established skills, the contact is broken. Sometimes it makes it difficult, you become mute as a fish, but nothing can be done silently, watching, sailing past all that happens.
4. There were difficulties in the active lifestyle and self-organization. Especially in those places who supported the old order and way of life.
We feel the chaos that washes us from the outside, but does not penetrate into the inner world.
There everything is calm, and regardless of events in real life, when the will and the mind crying out: "Come on, move! Do something! "- Somehow everything is bad responds to these calls.
Often it looks like sabotage, disobedience to the will of the same settings. This experience can even be expressed in self-deprecation: "I am getting himself", but at the same time flow in a parallel reality, nothing like the need to respond and participate.
Like there, the other part of my I do not have such needs, and, therefore, there is no coherence, no energy is supplied to perform the required actions in physical reality ... the expected sync is not yet working in the streamlined regime.
Who is right? Who took control in their hands, who will take care of my life?
5. The desire to prove and there is no dispute.
It seems to peaceful domestic over during the turbulent waves outside. New answers are not in a hurry to see your head, but at some point come little insight ... and not to let them directly to the cause.
They just come. As if there is a process of dropping the acquired experience and the entire accumulated database - how to live and what to do ... The first thing you feel - is the link itself with the living essence within you and that it breathes with you to the beat in the same rhythm.
The feeling of being at no additional bindings, the tests of evidence ... that did not happen - you're just there. And it is firm.
You went beyond the program itself, which ruled you and organized your life written by someone ...
rules There was decoding, and now your mind is looking for new ways and new communication connection with life.
Dreams come true when the desire becomes action.

At that moment, when we are able to associate themselves not with the body but with the soul and spirit, going into the deeper layers of your consciousness, then we find that the soul do not need money, the spirit does not need another person to experience the love and sheltered, there reigns an entirely different atmosphere - peace and self-sufficiency.
And the experience of earthly man lacking in the higher dimensions, we call this part of ourselves, inscribed in the psychological program - "mind-body-ego ', which today feels abandoned and confused.
We need to care about himself, otherwise, not as it was before ... to the discomfort disappeared for warmth and feeling joyful life.
To act, we turn to another way of self-consciousness when released from social programs, while in the inner world is born a new communication system, and upper part of my life I redirect the energy of the new ducts.
We want to feel it!
We changed desires!
And someone is still in the stage of completion and residence of those desires that he namechtal 10 years ago.
But they are not happy, is not warm ... close relationships do not meet, the work does not bring revenue or simply tired, weekends and holidays are seen formally.
Habitual enjoyment, entertainment, meetings, cultural visits ..., travel - all of this, the legacy of the past planned and desirable scenario, and today it does not give the fullness of heart.
What's next? If this version has been lived, and we are alive and full of aspirations?
Many of us got freedom from family ties (or changed the relationship itself), to raise children, held professionally. We got more free time, we changed the attitude towards him, and here we find ourselves in anticipation of new features ...
We want to open a new, non-required capabilities, inspiring us, opens up new horizons. And all this is our inner world, where today there are still active ... and here we also find wisdom, knowing where we were going their activity.
Of course, we feel deeply tired and the pauses between the incoming wave, appropriate ... because we care about the Spirit, even from the standpoint of the ego can experience the three-dimensional.
Those involved in the transition of his consciousness will find the most strange things that happen to them, is that while it is impossible to explain, but thanks to the new experience of being in the flow, we handle, no matter what.
We are groping for a way for further development, turning their new life in a new role, with new features, with the love of self and trust in his divine part.


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