Most apt remarks overheard in the elevator of the famous investment bank.

Most apt remarks overheard in the elevator of the famous investment bank, from the people who own almost all the money in the world.

On Wall Street, there is a person who works in one of the largest and most prestigious investment banks in the world, Goldman Sachs - vedettvitter account, which collects quotes overheard in elevators offices on Wall Street. Although they sometimes arrogant and funny, but reveal the truth of life.

So, here are 60 most apt expressions of people who own almost all the money in the world:

1. Teach a man to fish and he will again vote for the one who promised to give him the fish.
2. If I get fired - it will be a good test of loyalty to my wife, if I was promoted - that a test for me.
3. If you have a good metabolism, a head full of hair and a good job, do not get married young, wait 10 years and make a choice.
4. Statistically, it makes no sense to worry about you, it looks like your mother's first wife.
5. I would agree with you, but then we'll both be wrong.
6. Each telephone conversation I begin with the words: "My phone almost sat down and could shut down, so let's quickly."
7. neighbor's grass is greener because fertilized shit.
8. The music was better in the days when people were allowed to sing ugly.
9. The new sign of the slope - meet up with friends and never look into the phone.
10. The fact that there are ugly prostitutes amply demonstrates the essence of men and free markets.
11. Most celebrities do not even have a university education - so what the hell do consult with them on any serious matter?
12. Only a Neanderthal falls to physical violence. I prefer to humiliate morally, to break the spirit and deprived of hope.
13. One of my favorite things - when someone puts their self, and no one had laykaet. 14. When I hear "got a minute?" - I understand that now lose half an hour, which could never return.
15. A hearing person on half consists of waiting for their turn to speak, and half of reminders currently changing face every 10 seconds.
16. Be yourself - good advice for about 5% of people.
17. Tatu is not my - I did not hang up bumper stickers his Lamborghini.
18. Soon you will realize that the silence - the best way to send a dick.
19. When you Herbs its history - I think just how much shorter than they could be.
20. When I say, "It is necessary to us as ever meet," I say, "Sure, I'll call you." It lies in the answer to the lie.
21. Poor people eat so much fast food, it seems their time is worth a fortune.
22. I just want to be rich enough not to be fixated on the money.
23. 98% of the people commenting on the death of Mandela's network will not be able to answer simple questions about his life.
24. A friend asked me what I would do if I had 10 million dollars. I told her: "I'll ask where all my other grandmother."
25. I do not need cover for iPhone - I have a poor or irresponsible?
26. Before people can express their views on Syria, they must first show it on the map.
27. What a shame that stupidity does not hurt its wearer.
28. Flowers and apologized many times easier than to change something in yourself.
29. Scrambling to the top of the food chain, we are not vegetarians.
30. Most people do in a movie about his life would play a supporting role.
31. - You do not have the social networks? How did you find your classmates? - Let rack up my name in Google.
32. If you could be good at one thing - be good at lying. Then you will be good at everything.
33. kiddies it's time to learn the lesson - Santa loves rich kids anymore.
34. "He's not a bad guy, if you know him." - This is an excellent definition of asshole.
35. Why should I have to marry - this is, consider, bet half your state that you love her forever.
36. If the views of the person drawing up the first impression was an Olympic sport, I would have suspected of taking performance-enhancing drugs.
37. No girl really is not so happy, which seems to be on Facebook, so sexy, what it seems in this witty and Instagrame what appears on Twitter.
38. As a society, we are intelligent as ever, a technology given the right to vote inexperienced weight.
39. There was a time when the unwanted link to the island. Now we have to buy the island to be away from them.
40. Mowing - a good economic indicator. In bad times people go to get a haircut every 8 weeks, good - once a 6. I go every 3 weeks.
41. It is necessary to ensure that the function of "Reply All" in the mail had to earn.
42. The most successful and unsuccessful people share one trait - they think they are never wrong.
43. When people ask me how I am living, I usually lie that good, in fact at times better.
44. Obesity and hunger - 2 major problems of society. This explains human nature.
45. Darwin did not take account of this situation in the world in which intelligent people have fewer children than blunt.
46. ​​I would look a television show in which teenagers describe their favorite Instagramy veterans of World 2.
47. The fact that most people are too stupid to know how stupid they are, is the foundation fastening our society.
48. All cats - libertarians: totally dependent on others, but convinced of its independence.
49. Work hard, eat right, engage in physical, not a lot of thumps and buy only what you can afford. It's not rocket science.
50. Talent - the only thing standing between the majority of the people and their dreams.
51. Check your phone after someone took a close - a yawning our generation.
52. "to do what you love" - ​​great advice to earn $ 1000 a month.
53. It does not matter who you are - a lion or a gazelle. In both cases, you only need to be faster than the slowest gazelle.
54. If it is the first phone was the iPhone - she's too young for you, bro.
55. Some people conclude that I am a shy, quiet or boring, not realizing that they just do not like me.
56. Some of the best moments in life - those which you can not tell anyone.
57. Relationships are like children's rocking board. If one of the two bored or someone too fat - not fun.
58. It is difficult not to judge someone if his favorite movie crap.
59. For most people the freedom associated with a large piece of someone else's money.
60. Money can not buy happiness, but they decide to 95% of the problems that make unhappy.


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