TRANSFORMATION final destination.

Final destination of transformation - to open the way for new, clear frequencies of higher awareness. 3.01.2016.
January 11, 2016

The learning process is energy management - a continuous occurring in all spheres of life. In your point of space mankind is going through a deep dive into the global spiritual transformation, whose purpose - to get rid of clusters frightening beliefs that you gleaned from the human gene pool, and contain the pain and fear of being alone. The final destination of this transformation is to open the way for new, clear frequencies higher awareness that are present in the Multiverse. All of humanity and beings from other dimensions, including us, came on earth to make a unique contribution to the healing of all the chains of time.

From the point of view of human, you have to stay in your body to more effectively participate in the process of transformation. Your DNA in this period improved by exposure to cosmic rays that clean out huge amounts of low frequency energy is deeply rooted in the human psyche. High-frequency vibration "nanosecond" continues to operate, and increasing the momentum of transformation strengthening in the process of "capture of consciousness" - when naimoschneyshie, the most urgent improvement of the life of the frequency creates an electromagnetic field grand selectively attracts other frequencies of consciousness.

Your perception of reality is expanded when you deliberately looking for new levels of meaning as well as the hidden meaning of life. Improving awareness, you make your own unique frequencies in the ever-growing collective realization that each person must assume responsibility for the maximum force that lives in it, you naturally embody.

For the treatment must be remembered that you are a creature of energy, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions create the world around you. We are all involved in this multi-dimensional drama as a result of an agreement between many realities, aimed at healing the mind, body and spirit of humanity in general and anyone associated with you. The agreement obliges the members of the drama to call for a new vision of life throughout the Multiverse.

The path of force. The wisdom of the Pleiades for the world in chaos.


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