Do not interfere with the children to be happy.

Children can learn how to connect to a higher source of wisdom, peace, and quiet strength.
I ask the children a question: "Do you know what is meditation?" "Yes! Look! There! "- And Camilla shows ventilation grille on the ceiling.

Hmm ... I guess it's not so much about the consonance of words as meanings about harmony ... Meditation as ventilation, clears the mind, blowing all the excess, stagnant, brings a sense of fresh, new, clean, cool, quiet.

Have you ever seen how children can be immersed in such conditions? No, I certainly do not mean a small child sitting in Padmasana with mudras hours. While I was watching, and so on. But the child completely in a trance state, considering fascinated or colored glass candle flame? It may be at this moment to call, bother, distract - all in vain. It is so in its processes, so there is not that you will agree, it is unwittingly evokes associations with the monks or yogis, immersed in a similar state.

Go back through the mirror of the children in a completely happy and energy-filled state. They are for those few minutes, opening up new worlds and universes. Their eyes are burning thousands of stars for a long time and still retain traces of vertiginous travel. Only the stupid parents grossly interfere in these conditions, breaking the most important processes of childhood, which is formed by the ability to be harmonious, full grown. Even if you have a question you think of urgency, count to five. Consider what is happening at the moment with the child. Do not bother him to be happy.

Adult harder. He was to really see the flames need to answer a number of questions: what is the color, size, temperature, undulates like the breath that was happening to him, if his move in space. Children of all this diversity of sensations cover a greater sense without connecting the brain, like writing on a subconscious level. Moreover, children are able to add and use additional meanings. They are drawn to the flame palms and ask for the fire to give them a warm soul and folded his hands on the level of anahata - only where they know that the soul lives right there?

Since the fire, by the way, like vzaimodeystvoat children of any age, with any special needs. Hyperactivity disorder, for example, using a candle meditation works wonders.

Children are very fond of meditation with sound. We use singing bowls and listen to the sound of a long, long time, and even when he ceased to sound, we still hear. And the sounds of nature - the songs of whales or woodpeckers - and transported to the oceans and forests. Listen to the sounds of the night or in the morning; Moscow Region or tropical forest. You would be able to distinguish between hearing the sound from the sound of the waterfall shower?

And, of course, children - virtuoso rendering. Imagine that the mat - a cloud that floats over a field where there are cornflowers and trees, and walking the cow, no two cows, there is lots of cows. And where it ends, it is a house. A witch lives in a house that used to be a witch, but now it is good, because her spell, and it helps birds, animals and butterflies.

But the interesting thing is always behind the scenes. When the children lost in the sensations and images, sit or lie in Shavasana with a half smile, I want so much to become again a little and regain the ability to easily and effortlessly connected to a higher source of wisdom, peace, and quiet strength. And the net flow.


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