Our Life is always a choice.

Our Life is always a choice. Choice- between the mind and the soul. What we sleduem- what we have. When we follow the Soul, Lyubvi- it blooms and wonderful creators we are in the world, we rejoice and be happy! When we follow the consciousness umu- it leads us away from our true nature, we plunge into the darkness, his illusory beliefs that have nothing to do with us as true. Love- opens up the world for us, it is key-to the great knowledge of the true life. Multiplied prevents this. Cultivate Love in sebe- we came to earth. Cultivate and probuzhdat- the true power of God, which is in each of us. Are we to become all-that power the world as humanity? Sampling for us. Only Lyubvi- can find himself only in love. I wish to follow all- Love! Love you


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