... There are custom builders of ancient Greece bequeathed:
If you build you a house, in a particularly sunny day
you must put the sun lovely woman
and then begin laying the first stone in her shadow.
And then this house is not rassohnetsya not fall apart:
Mountains will crumble, wheezing, and he did,
and would not it anger, dishonesty, greed, envy - your favorite shade will protect the house from everything!

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

I am a long time harbored this article. I wanted to convey as accurately as possible the meaning of the word "home." You be the judge as far as was possible.

If you have your own house, but to you it is boring, bad, difficult, sad, would it be considered home?

Since ancient times, the house was considered a haven. As ships always returning to its port, and a person needs berth. Calm, reliable, warm, native. Your house is? What is missing?

Comfort House, first of all, depends on the energy that live in it. Energy can be very different. From the former owners. From your quarrels, the emotions that you feel for each other. From the people who were with you at the party. (By the way, because the house still remembers the need to produce special ceremonies, if there someone hung up, someone was killed or beaten up.) But suppose you have cleaned the house and start with a clean slate. To the house was filled with auspicious energies and then, if anything, could have an adverse effect, it is necessary to build in a microcosm. But so that everyone felt comfortable. What does this mean?

Everyone who lives in the house should feel comfortable in it. It is determined, first of all, the relation to each other all the family members. If someone does not like this house, a man will be uncomfortable. He will be hungry heat ...

Even when I was 19, I remember, I was interested to come to the apartment of strangers and "feel" the energy of the house. I could not tell exactly what people live, is there any scandals and who suits them, who changes the spouse, if there is love. All this, I just felt like a fish feels the water is located.

It is important that the house were individual things and / or corners. They will give a kind of reliability, will create a sense of stability. Personal circle, a certain place at a dining table, a corner where you can relax. And never carry a negative emotions at home. If you have received a portion of rudeness, heavy thoughts swirling in my head, then before you go home, spend the inside of his hand (from the wrist to the fingertips, tightly clutching his hand) on any joint, or corner of the bracket. About himself, or whisper to say: "What a bad took over, here and left." Men, of course, say "took leave." Try to perform this rule in conjunction with the other. When you come home, change clothes and wash your hands at least.

The two councils have their own motivated. The human body is designed so that hands and feet are a kind of antennas. (Hence, the opportunity to influence the body by massaging the feet.) Therefore, the arms and legs cling to itself all the energy with which people come into contact, all pieces of other people's bio. Therefore, the ritual cleansing of hands and feet is very important. Thus, you shoot off all the negative energy that contributes not only to protect your health and the health of your microclimate. A peaceful family evenings yet does not harm anyone.

To protect the house from the negative emotions with someone else's hand, from the energy attacks, you can do yourself, "catcher spirits." Make a cube (cardboard, wood - does not matter) with four round holes on the sides. Inside the diagonal, place rectangular or square mirror. The outer walls, top and bottom, you can paint, paste over, but you can leave so. Hang cube (bottom and top should be blind walls) at the front door or on the window, from the flat, of course. This facility will send back all negative, but do not forget to wipe the mirror sometimes dust.

Well reflect energy attacks and defuse the atmosphere in the house animals (especially cats), canaries, flowers (especially geraniums), willow branches in a vase of sunflowers, or front of the house, in front of windows.


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