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Eighth of January two thousand sixteenth year = 554 = No discipline can not be creative freedom = no knowledge of darkness you can not reach the light = Be glad to, but not to turn compassion into gloating = remember what each of you incarnated on Earth = If you started do - get out of the zone of suffering! = If the Spirit of St in you, and your love is perfect = Star beautiful from a distance, but close to it suppresses its power = sounds the call: the time has come for decisive action = who is learning - every day increases your knowledge = Do not do that, as is customary; do as conscience dictates = Do not look for the culprits, and know - it all starts with yourself = not teach the commandments, and to use them and live by them = misunderstanding of what is happening - it is suicide! = To learn the basics of creation of their own time = Giving everything to God, you shlifuete star - crowning you halo = transition from fear to love - an alchemical process = encourages people to make the attack - a disease = Human behavior changes with its level of development = Positive thinking promotes longevity = Pursue efforts to remedy their destiny = Problems person are only in his head = Now is the time to learn to live in the joy = Consciousness goal gives significance to each manifestation of the Spirit = three, six, nine - the number of a man who became God = The destiny of your - to pass the crowd, sending them = highest good emanations of Light - the best ozonation space = I believe I love, hope and wisdom = I choose to ask the way - to carry in my heart the Light of the Creator

Eighth of January two thousand sixteenth year = 557 = Your inner attunement to the total flux of light = Everything is changing upward spiral step by step = Important, do not think about the fall when given wings to fly = one spirit and one faith - the most reliable protection and Salvation = Star being involved in the project "Land" = sign - a goddess of justice Themis - with eyes open = true spirit of Christmas is in your heart = Everyone has the code number in the Plan = Wisdom is not achieved by those who live in the individual = We can translate their intentions into reality = drug becomes even food, if it is excessive = Our coming to earth on a certain day is not random = Our main goal: to learn how to balance through love = Our great heart resembles the solar corona = did not allow negativity to prevail over positive = Mystery begins to open through life = No simple religion of love and there is no simple laws of life = Nothing comes easy, so everything is deserved = send light in dark places, for you are powerful = Joy about the new is already wings to the future = Open mind a hundred and eighty degrees = resonant harmony with the spiritual primary source = Growth will determine whether you live in the mind of God = Burn a directed to your address energy aggression = symbol "Ouroboros" - a snake biting its tail = Quarrel - expiration of the poison, but who is this poison eliminate? = You have the power to rewrite the human genome = Praise God - is education of the person in respect to the Supreme = integrity of the world rests on the interactions = hour of our victory - is the final release of = man - a spiritual being who has all the power of God = What is the "Orion's Belt" ? - A galactic bridge

01.08.2016 (eight million twelve thousand and sixteen) = 595 = Assimilation fiery energies in the physical body = big goal does not allow the presence of any freedoms = Buddha - a state of love - wisdom - compassion = To be a collectivist, without losing individuality = Importance decryption code four hundred and eighteen = Your diversity - the key to success for your relationship = Vibration saturation of space energies of God = Everything is there at one point, but in a different frequency = Study of alphabetic characters and numeric values ​​= Only the accumulation of spiritual experience awakens consciousness = wise not to be sad but joyful seek = Do not forget that tomorrow will be another good day! = Nothing should divert a person from the main goal of his life = Implement a program of Eternity on Earth = Take appreciated everything that happens to you = Program of the organization of life on Earth by cosmic laws = path of evolution difficult and long, but life is eternal = wounds can be cured if they are not open = The power of thought - the most powerful creative energy = power of the word, which came for the benefit of freedom and rebirth of people = Grief and fear of dying in the presence of wisdom = conscious creative human thought = Son lifts the veil on the true connection of things = Compassion spirit born in the primordial creative force = Those who are afraid of the unknown, gives the fear of life = thin and beautiful path, which goes to the Temple of Heaven = You can fool yourself, the people, but the Higher - never = To the body and the soul were young, harden like steel! = Stable phenomenon of love to all natural forms = Severe school with a smile please!


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