Quotes by William Shakespeare, remains relevant to this day.

1. It is not a sign of callousness - silence. Thunders only that empty inside.
2. Since honey is sweet, that, finally, he is bitter. The excess kills the taste of taste.
3. We are irritated by trifles, when affected by something serious.
4. Mother Nature is wise, but the son of brainless.
5. Where few words, there is the weight they have.
6. Love runs away from those who are chasing her. And for those who run away, throws himself on the neck.
7. Stupidity and wisdom as easily grasped as infectious diseases. So pick yourself comrades.
8. Hell is empty. All the devils are here.
9. Most people prefer stupidity wisdom for foolishness amuses and saddens wisdom.
10. Men are like April, when looked after, and in December, when he married.

11. Hope for pleasure is almost as pleasant as enjoying itself.
12. Not too Kindle furnace for their enemies, otherwise you will burn in it themselves.
13. The success of the acute words dependent on a listening ear than the language of the speaker.
14. What is the name? Rose smells like a rose, rose even name it, though no.
15. Each of madness has its own logic.
16. You can fall in love with the beauty, but love - as soon as the soul.
17. Raven mud peremazhet wings. No one will notice anyway. A swan, despite all efforts, could not Wash with white spot ...
18. At a glance, you can kill the love, one can also look to resurrect it.
19. A coward dies every danger to him as a brave death overtakes once.
20. Poor crushed insect suffers just as a dying giant.

21. Three rules for success: know more than others; work more than the others; expect less than other.
22. There is nothing neither bad nor good in this world. There is only our attitude to anything.
23. The best - straight and just the spoken word.
24. Oath of data in a storm are forgotten in calm weather.
25. The sins of others to judge you so hard rvёtes - start with their own and other people before you reach.


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