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Almost every country in the world for Bigfoot has his nickname. This shows that, despite the fact that the overwhelming evidence of the existence of semi-mystical creatures and were not provided, it continues to believe, millions of people around the globe. Almost every day there are reports of new clashes of people with the mysterious Bigfoot. And sometimes it is not easy to distinguish the blatant lies of the real facts.

Some believe Bigfoot huge ape, and some believe that it is the missing link in the chain of human evolution. Snow man, whoever he was, to avoid any contact with the man, and prefers to live in the dense forests and highlands - where it is not easy to catch, and maybe even impossible.


Presumably, the Yeti scalp, which is stored in the Nepalese monastery

Elias Hodston - the young Briton, who left in 1831 to live in the Himalayas, not once wrote to his family in Britain about Bigfoot. In his letters to Elias she described in detail the strange creature that is seen several times in the mountains. According to him, he saw the ape, 2, 5 meters tall with thick short hair all over his body, who lived somewhere at the foot of glaciers. Since then, the Yeti in the Himalayas met more than once, and the legends in this area collected about him even more.


In 1958, Ray Wallace, owner of a construction company in northern California, has demonstrated to the public color film, which was seen as a bigfoot (Bigfoot American name) way through the forest undergrowth. Film excited the whole world, but after the death of Wallace became clear that the film and other "overwhelming evidence" was fabricated by him and his family. Nevertheless, there are people who claim that Bigfoot really lives here.


Next Bigfoot

Summer of 1979, the story of the expedition members to capture Bigfoot from Kiev published the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Hunters claimed that the Hissar mountains Pamir-Alai in Tajikistan, they managed to find a trace of the mysterious creatures. The length of his foot was 34 cm. The expedition made a plaster cast of the track and collected a huge number of stories of local residents about their encounters with Bigfoot.


In the impenetrable Siberian taiga forest called yeti or hairy man. There, from the middle of the last century, people are increasingly faced with a huge hairy primate, very deftly move around the forests. According to eyewitnesses, the forest people are not aggressive, but can literally disappear from view when you try to shoot or catch.


The skull is even, presumably, one of the sons Zana

There is a legend that in the 19th century in a village in Abkhazia real live female Bigfoot. Villagers narekshie individual Zana, kept it in a wooden cage. Zana had impressive sizes and everything was covered with dense hair. Unfortunately, Zana had long been dead, and the exact location of her burial, no one can specify. However, according to local residents, she successfully crossed with a man and left a numerous offspring.


In the words of the Texans, Bigfoot is not seen in the national reserve Sam Houston. On the vast territory, entirely covered with thick forests, can really easy to hide an entire population of these mysterious creatures. Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to legally hunt for Bigfoot. Perhaps it's cruel, but, nevertheless, still no hunting was not successful, so most likely it's just a gimmick to attract tourists.


In the jungles of India, has also repeatedly seen Mande barunga - the local name of Bigfoot. They live in inaccessible places in the mountains, and descend into the valley only in the winter in search of food. In 2003, forester Dipu Marak 3 consecutive days ran into 3-hmetrovoe being covered with black fur. In their last meeting Maraku managed to collect a sample of wool barunga and transfer it to the analysis. British geneticists claimed that the sample is very similar to the Yeti hair sample taken E. Hillary - a British climber, conquering Everest.


In 2007, Robert Wilson, who lives on Vancouver Island, said of his meeting with being reminded his views caveman. According to his description, the mysterious creature was the size of a bear, wore long hair and facial features reminiscent of the ancient Neanderthals. After Wilson's statements, it has been suggested that the Yeti has always been considered a huge ape, may in fact be a prehistoric man.


Footprints Bigfoot Yamal regularly every few years show local hunters. Most of them occurs in the region between the three villages: Hills, Azov and Men. Yam merabade ("a person to measure the earth moves" from the Nenets) leaves a huge footprint length of 50-60 cm and width of its steps up to 2 meters.


Leading the program "Finding Bigfoot" running on the channel Animal Planet, consider Salmon Huckleberry Preserve in Oregon one of the most likely habitats Bigfoot. If you are going to visit the state in the near future, do not forget to bring a camera - perhaps it is here you will find the famous Bigfoot and become the star of Animal Planet.


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