Unusual visitor

Greetings from Latvia! My brother lives in Alix USA, California, in the mountains near the lake Tahoe. He has a restaurant. So, yesterday on a visit to his restaurant wandered bear. Thank God that there were no visitors. Brother decided to ventilate and left the door to the "black" is open. In short, he just ofigel when next to him saw a bear. Bear pohlebat strawberry syrup and kokakolki, turned everything upside down and dumped. Americans were against shocked, but bro with his wife pofotkat really clumsy. What are the selection of «wait to be seated», which means "wait to be seated." On the one pictures Alik with a bear and with this sign. Bear like a small, but claws can tear off his hand. Plizz put on the main page. Money is not necessary. Thank you in advance, your admirer of Latvia - Arthur!


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