Terms of our reserve

We have the coolest and interesting reserve. Therefore, tourists from around the world consider it an honor to visit it. We have a stock of fauna that you do not have enough fingers for all the limbs to count them. We have the green grass and colorful flowers the most. We have the most fluffy and cute lions.

This charm is made possible when we began to demand from visitors unconditional implementation of the rules of our reserve. Rights violators will be fed to the hungry Triceratops.
Please read the rules.
1. Do not carry a gun or any stick like a gun. Our moose had a difficult childhood, so they can have the legs and horns stammer.
2. Do not sleep in the reserve. Grief - it's not a pathologist, so to understand, you are a visitor or feed, it will not. In addition, vultures usually make reference Tuktuk temple.
3. Do not kick hares. From this, they often fly into the hollow, where they forester difficult to pick out.
4. Do not try to pet the tiger, or take away his piece of meat. Tiger is not intended for these manipulations. It should be remembered that the tiger - it's not a toy, but a self-propelled representative fauna.
5. Waste blow the ability to live with him. Animals still eat them will not.
6. spectacled snake should get per kilometer. Snake lost points, so biting everything that moves. If you come across a snake, stand still motionless until then, until it is removed per kilometer.
7. Do not attempt to pull out of the swamp behemoth. Overstrain yourself or tear off the hippo's tail. Easily pulled out of the marsh frog, but it beeps at 120 decibels.
By the way, a giraffe in a swamp - this is quite normal. At times, giraffes climb palm trees and jump from there to the marsh. They just want the thrill.
8. Each visitor has the right to score 10 million pieces (or more) of mosquitoes. All the same, these mosquitoes we have nowhere to go.
9. Do not shake hands with a bear paw. Bear paw often forgets to let go, and the forester is not going to pull unsuspecting visitors of bear dens.
10. It is recommended to yield a path ostriches and lions, because they do not have time to slow down (and sometimes do not even notice the obstacles). And we do not have time to dig forester visitors.
11. Do not feed the monkeys cookies. They constipation from this, and from salted nuts - on the contrary. And all of a sudden.
12. Do not be afraid of monkeys with skewers in his paws. They skewers knit these socks myself. Where do they get the thread? Visitors sweaters dismiss.
13. Our hedgehogs do not fly, even nizehonko. But the painful bite steel teeth. Offended hedgehogs attack and bite to death nafik herd.
14. We do not have cuckoo. What you hear - it chameleons suffer foolishness.
On the edges of our large grasshoppers jump, not a kangaroo.
15. Do not shake the trees. Panther which there is resting after a hearty lunch, you will also fall on his head and.
16. Our camels - crazy, so spit at 50 meters, and not miss.
17. Do not bother to ants. Royal ants are busy - they gnaw extra trees uvolakivayut them to go to hell and build a dam.
18. Do not go to the elephant back and do not attempt to pull the tail. Fright elephant can crap one's pants.
19. Do not pick flowers. Bees may be unhappy. And they have three interchangeable blades.
Pleasant pastime and heavenly pleasures!



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