Arctic mastered people

If you arrive on the Arctic coast of the country, the first thing that greets you - the endless piles of garbage and scattering of rusty barrels to gorizonta.Vzletnye band in the Arctic - is the military, and the military in the Arctic - is primarily a giant landfill.

However, not only the military - any attempts at industrialization were accompanied by monstrous polar pollution territories territory.

"Wrangel Island", also called the maternity ward of polar bears.

In addition to polar bears, there are found in large quantities snowy owl, white geese, Brent Geese, musk oxen, arctic foxes, walruses and other animals. Today, preservation of natural complexes of the island is provided by the lack of population and geographical izolyatsiey.Odnako to the organization of the state nature reserve are trying to master the territory of the State in different ways: factory was founded, the separation of state farm reindeer, an auxiliary military airfield and the base air defense.

Every year, the island imported tons of fuel, a significant amount of which spills on land and in coastal waters; heavy machinery, tons of equipment for the job, household and food supply villagers with a population of 200 people. Nothing but personal property departing for the mainland, the island is not taken out - all waste, household garbage and dilapidated machinery remained in the dumps on the island. Wrangel Island is no exception and is just an example of development of our North.

Mostly partially empty barrels were exported for scrap: still ships delivering cargo to the north, going back empty. Even the export of scrap unprofitable: to exit even to zero, the barrel initially must be pressed on the shore, and the press there is usually no.


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