Conscious love.

People tend to be satisfied with their relationships when they arrange them in terms of compatibility, security, and self-esteem. However, if you treat them as a "path", especially the sacred path, the angle of view is expanded to include all of these needs, but not limited to. We are interested in the sense of conscious love, the ability to inspire love in the search for expanded awareness and desire for evolution.

But we should not idealize this opportunity, because the relationship will never exist only at the conscious level. We live simultaneously on many levels, and each of them has their own needs.

Levels of communication

The simplest bond that can develop between partners - a desire for symbiotic merger arising from the desire to find emotional support, which lacked in childhood.

Many people first came together, go through the phase of "symbiosis", temporarily interrupting other activities, relationships with friends, and spending most of their free time together. This step can help to establish relations of close emotional contact. However, if the symbiotic relationship becomes the basis or lasts too long, it is more restrictive. There is a parent-child dynamics, narrowing the range of possible interactions undermining female-male relationships and create dependency.

Next most fundamental desire is manifested in the relationship, it is a joint that can take more or less detailed form. Consistency is the basis of all relationships, and in some cases, people seem to not want anything from each other more.

The next level of communication occurs when people are not only in each other, but also share common interests, goals and values. This level, on which the pair begins to create a common world, can be called a community. As with consistency, the community - it is a concrete, earthly form of communication.

Deeper shared values ​​and interests is communication. At this level, people share what is going on inside them, thoughts, images and feelings. Establish good communication is much more difficult than to achieve the compatibility or commonality. It requires honesty, courage and willingness to overcome the obstacles arising from the inevitable differences. Good communication - the most important component of a successful relationship.

Further expansion of the communication is communion - the ability not only to share thoughts and feelings with each other, but also to recognize on a deep level, the existence of each other. This often happens in silence, when people look at each other's eyes, making love, walking together in the woods, or listening to music. At such times, we suddenly feel that we understand, and not just as a person, but at the deepest level of our being. This connection is so rare and surprising, that since its inception it is easy to recognize. Communication can be installed, ownership, tend to be more spontaneous and involuntary. Communication and involvement - a deeper and more subtle forms ..... than consistency and commonality; they affect the mind and heart of man.

The deep communion ... can cause a feeling of hunger to overcome alone, the desire for full unity with those whom we love. Although it expresses a genuine desire to human need, it is more appropriate to refer to the divine, absolute, infinite. With regard to the relationship she often creates problems. If all our thirst for spiritual attainment to channel into end relationships, it can lead to the idealization of "bloating" of dependence and death. Best of all, if the thirst for unity will lead us to a truly spiritual practices such as meditation, and we learn to transcend the duality of the mind in every area of ​​life. ... Relationships can inspire such a practice, but can never fully replace it.

Each pair in their own accents in this continuum of relationships. The perfect balance of the earth and the divine would be the right balance of deep existential coherence, good communication, common interests and values ​​and the simple pleasure of each other's company. Beauty can occur at each of these levels as a form of symbiotic merger as bodily together as a shared pleasure of sport as a form of communication and a deep communion. Conscious love arises in the relationship, which manifests existential communion. This is the love to the substance rather than to the individual. In moments of communion available to me the depth of my own being and at the same time, the depth of being a partner. And at the same time I set aside. As much as we were close, we can never fully reconcile our worlds: she'll never know what it means to be me, and I'll never know what it means to be one. Despite the fleeting moments of unity when the contact depth, complete unity will forever remain elusive.

And there is also the possibility to keep each other and protect their proximity to the truth alone. The universe only time we gave each other, and we do not know when it will require us back. The very essence of devotion is another sweet sorrow finished overflow of the heart.

Loneliness, my heart overflowing with love, should not force me to be isolated. I share it with all creatures on the earth as a mere presence in his life. From this inner depth arise longing for the substantiality and spiritual expression, poetry or song, the desire to create beauty.

Realizing his loneliness, we can be themselves and express themselves more fully. Others we do not need to save us and to improve our health. We want to help them be themselves as much as possible. Conscious love is born as a gift from a broken heart.

All the great spiritual traditions teach that the one-sided pursuit of his own happiness can not bring true satisfaction because the personal desires are multiplying endlessly, all the while generating a new dissatisfaction. True happiness, which no one can take away from us, comes with opening the heart, illuminating the world around us, and rejoices at the good of others. Nurturing the development of those whom we love, our ability to identify and make us more mature. Transient is the complexity of relations gives us a rare opportunity to discover love as a sacred way of calling us to develop the fullness and depth of his being.

Far Beach love

Eventually conscious love brings love outside of themselves and leading to greater interdependence with the totality of life, otherwise she would have had nowhere to grow. The wide range of this kind of love extends to the feeling of belonging with all existence, or, as Teilhard de Chardin refers to "love of the Universe", "developing in the immensity of light and power».

Divergent, like ripples, waves of love begins at home, with what we find in it its own place, accept ourselves, we find under the cover of egocentric illusions and difficulties inner richness of his being. Learn to appreciate the integrity of ourselves, we find that we can give more to the partner.

Later, devoting himself to the development of awareness and the spirit of each other's love, of course, want to share your love with others. Born qualities - generosity, courage, compassion, wisdom - extend beyond their own relationship. This is their "spirit child", that their union gives the world. The heyday of loving couples are demanding that their vision and practice is not focused solely on each other, and have included a wide range of community.

Further development, as suggested by Teilhard de Chardin, can be expressed in the fact that the more deeply people love each other, the more they are concerned about the state of the world in which they live. They feel the need to take care of it for all beings in need of attention. The complete expression of love is its manifestation of all creation, and in this loving couple finds support. It's a great love and a great path that leads to the heart of the universe.

© John Uelvud


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