The benefit of the repetition of words and thoughts.

Thoughts, as a rule, a combination of words, sentences, mental images and sensations. Thoughts are visitors to the central station of the mind. They come, stay and, although then disappear, creating space for other thoughts. Some of these thoughts stay longer, gain power and influence in the life of man and his thinking.

Probably thinking of most people it is associated with anxiety, fear, anger and resentment. In his mind, they pay attention to the inner conversation about negative situations and actions. This inner conversation eventually affects the subconscious, which accepts them, and serious about the thoughts and ideas expressed in these internal conversations.

It is important to be careful with what you allow into your subconscious. Words and thoughts that are repeated often enough, sink into the subconscious and affect the behavior, actions and reactions of the person.

The subconscious mind, converts the words and thoughts that express and describe the real situation, it tends to draw your words and thoughts into reality. It is working hard to realize the words and thoughts in life or thinking.

This means that if you often say to yourself as hard to get the money, the subconscious mind will take your word for it, and put obstacles in your way. If you keep telling yourself that you are rich, it will find ways to bring you to the opportunity to become rich, and will push you to the fact that to take advantage of these opportunities.

The thoughts that are expressed in the form of words to affect your life. This is often done unconsciously, since you pay a little attention to your thoughts and words, and your thinking is influenced by circumstances and situations. In this case, there is no freedom. Here the outside world affects the inner world.

If you consciously choose the thoughts, words and phrases that you repeat in your mind ...


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