Ukrainian providers will be obliged to ensure that the Internet connection speed

The National Commission for Communications Regulation and Informatization of Ukraine (NCCIR) has proposed to legislate the guarantee rate on the part of the operator to the subscriber connection. The guarantee provides that the rate of the client Internet connection may not fall below 70% of stated in the contract. According NCCIR, such an initiative will protect the rights of users, improve the quality of services in the market and strengthen the fight against the so-called "gray" providers, пишет "A business". In addition, it is proposed to oblige operators to provide customers with the ability to control the quality of services.

The regulator also said the definition of services provided to end-users. Previously there was no such explanation, which contributed to the emergence of "gray providers." This intermediary companies that are connected to the conventional view of the user provider, and then resell services to third parties.

Now NCCIR allocated monthly to discuss changes in the текущие Rules of Internet services . For the changes to take effect, they must be approved by the government.

As for the main players in the market, most of the positive control initiative. On the other hand, representatives of telecom operators, for example, "Ukrtelecom", noted that the proposal to control the speed, "strengthen the regulation of the pressure and give tools to the operators." In addition, the need and monitoring system. "The lack of such a system or a lack of a clear description of the measurement procedures can create ground for corruption pressure on operators' - suggested director of corporate communications of" Ukrtelecom "Michael Shuranov
Some representatives of operators stated that innovations or nothing does not solve, or have a negative impact on the industry. Thus, the president of the company "Will" Sergey Boyko noted that if the degree of control over the "gray" and "black" providers will remain the same, nothing changes. "After all, the main problem - the lack of desire to the regulator to apply to violators of the rules of law or by-laws", - said Sergey Boyko
According to the representative of another operator, Vega, is now a lot of "illegals" in the Ukrainian market. "According to our information, today nearly 50% of businesses (ISPs) are working illegally," - said Yana Petrova, Head of Corporate Communications Vega Jana Petrova.



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