A man found a 100-year-old wedding cake his grandparents, during cleaning in the garage

Most people leave their ancestors inherited money, property and other valuables, but the legacy of the couple was their wedding cake. Uorninger Ronald (Ronald Warninger) stumbled upon a wedding cake of his grandparents during the cleaning in the garage and at the time he knocked 100 years.

Grandparents Ronald married in March 17, 1915 and decided to keep the top tier of the wedding cake to eat it on the first godovschinu

However, they do not eat, and he turned into a legacy passed from generation to generation. Cake lay his grandmother in the freezer until 1960, then became a cake kept by the parents of Ronald, as "their freezer worked better"

"I just remember that he was always lying in a box in our freezer and that I was not allowed to touch it. The more I knew nothing, "- said Ronald

"Why they do not eat? They must have been too busy »

Ronald was trying to find a cake before, when his sister asked him to take his picture for a local newspaper, but the man was unable to nayti

"I could not find him, he just got lost somewhere in the house»

But then Ronald found the cake during cleaning in the garage in Yakima, Washington. "After I retired this summer, I found it in the garage on the top shelf in a box from under the cap"

For the centenary of the cake he was a damn good condition, despite the fact that he was completely edible

Glaze still was snow white and turned into something like porcelain, but actually inside the cake crumbled

Together with cake Ronald also found a mink hat his grandmother, postcards from around the world and a notebook with poems that she sent her druzya

Surprisingly, one of the poems in this notebook mentions the wedding tort

approximate translation: em>

"Remember me when you're far away

Only half awake

Remember me in the day of his wedding

And send me a piece of cake »

Asked what Ronald Uorninger plans to do with the cake, he replied that he was not going to eat it (after all, the cake is already 100 years old), and intends to transfer it to his daughter

"Most of all, I give it on to his daughter in Hawaii. After all, there's no reason why he can not lie for another 100 years, "- said Ronald


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