15 Christmas crafts that you can make with kids

Before the New Year remains very little time, and the time would have to think about the holiday decorations for the home. You can buy ready-made options in the store, but where better to do original things with his hands.

We are in the Website believe that this case should definitely attract children, and gathered great ideas for Christmas crafts.

snowman sock h3>

From unwanted socks are obtained here are funny snegovichki. You will need socks, rice filling, multiple patches and buttons. Cut off from the toe of the sock, on the other hand tie it with thread. Pour the rice, giving a round shape, drag the thread again and pour more rice, forming a smaller ball. Sew the eyes and nose, do patchwork scarf, sew a button. A cut-off portion of the cap will turn out great.

Suspension Christmas trees h3>

The basis of a cinnamon stick to it with glue attached several artificial fir branches and colored buttons. These Christmas trees not only to decorate the house, and fill it with the warming aroma of cinnamon.

Deer of traffic jams h3>

Bottle cork - excellent material for handicrafts. For example, you can make here is this nice deer. You will need a few corks, glue and various beads for decoration. This is not ashamed to hang on the Christmas tree.

Crafts from sticks h3>

From the usual ice cream sticks are obtained cute Christmas trees, snowmen and snowflakes. Need paint, sequins, buttons and a little imagination. With this handle even the smallest kids.

Christmas trees made of colored paper h3>

This is such a wonderful Christmas trees can be done, make a cone of green paper or cardboard and decorate it with different little things. Suit buttons, stones, beads and various paper figures.

Potato drawings h3>

This cute print is obtained by dipping in ordinary gouache half the potatoes. And the rest of the adult will need to paint on, when the paint dries. This option is ideal for very young children.

Snowflakes pasta ​​h3>

Fasten the pasta of different shapes with glue and cover with silver paint, fix the tape - an unusual Christmas snowflake ready.

Snowmen of caps h3>

Metal bottle caps cover the white paint (better to take the acrylic) and merge with each other, as shown in the picture. Draw a snowman and decorate the face of a bright scarf belt. If sticking to it on top of the loop, such snegovichka can hang on the Christmas tree.

Crafts of cones h3>

From cones can be made of various animals, and any other characters. Need paint scraps, buttons and, of course, imagination and inspiration.

Christmas tree made of buttons h3>

Pick up the green buttons of different diameter and a few brown for svol and secure thick thread. Decorate the top of the head with an asterisk.

Colored balls h3>

Place the pieces of wax pencils in transparent Christmas ball, heat it with a hair dryer, a constant twisting. Pencils melted inside the ball will leave the beautiful colored stains.

Garland of fingerprint h3>

Draw cord garland and base bulbs, then give the child colored paint - even draw fingers bright bulb. That figure can be decorated with a Christmas card or gift bag.

Shining Star h3>

The cardboard sleeve from the roll of paper towels can be turned into a bright Christmas decorations. Cut the cylinder equal to the width of parts bend to the likeness turned petals and glue in the form of stars. When harvesting stick together, stick to it and sequins can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Christmas balls of paper h3>

Make a template and cut Christmas tree ball colored balls of thick colored paper or cardboard. Decorate with sequins, stickers, or any other decorative elements. Make a hole and hang on the Christmas tree.

Herringbone from bumps h3>

Ordinary pine cone can be turned into a lovely Christmas tree. Paint it green paint and decorate with beads and bows. You can add a little bit of snow by painting the tips of white paint.

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