10 vital tips from your cat

"Cats have a special look at the world. If the dog is definitely worried about you and about you to be happy, the cat is more concerned with their own welfare. But each of them has enough wisdom to share with us, "Huffington Post .Bloger Zavistovski Lisa wrote an article in which miraculously crossed the psychology of man and ... a cat. < Website I could not pass!


So, what should we do advise a cat to find themselves and make life beautiful? (From the observations of my own cats, cats, my friends, as well as those who come just breakfast and dinner).

  • I love you, but I love more than myself. Love yourself. Comb and lick their fur, sleep 18 hours a day (or the human equivalent of the time), eat in a day a little bit small birds and takes only those things that are interesting to you. Sets high standards for itself and stick to them, as if the other options do not exist. Make a priority of their interests - physical, emotional and spiritual. When you are healthy in all these respects, the world is for you to be full of possibilities.
  • Take Exalt gifts and good intentions. I will sometimes bring you half-dead mouse or bird. It is a gift. If this is not the gift, which you would like know - I give it to you because I love you. The world is full of gifts. Ignore them, search for them and Prices of who you gave them, it does not matter - a cat is, or other lower animal (ie all those who are not cats), the person or the universe itself.
  • Focus on what you really want, and be persistent until you get it. Options "no" does not exist. I am hungry. You choose from your bed and feed me, otherwise I will tiptoe quietly nearby, stepping on the edge of your pillow and your hair. I'll decorate the floor around the tray when filling it lost its freshness. The tray should be cleaned and pour a new vehicle. I love to sit on the balcony and watch the sun rises, and I know that you get up and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Do the work necessary to get what you want, and to get involved in this other that they helped you.
  • You teach others how to treat you. Show their role model, and gently but firmly cuts off unwanted manifestations. I would like you to be stroked me right now, so I come to you and Zaprygivayem lap. If you got up and somewhere to go, I will follow you and will continue. You will see that I am very charm. OK, now I this is enough and that you have understood it, I gently vyskolznu from your hands to slightly will bite your hand, if you hold me. And please, do not attempt to pat me when I'm not in the mood.
  • Behave like a king. Be confident, even if internally you have any doubts this account. If you're going to do that for a long time, your brain will believe it! Kings no fuss, so do not bother me with jokes and games booths that beneath my dignity, can contaminate my fur and drove me to stress. If I do something, then it's good for me in one way or another. And now I look at you from above, seated above you on a bookshelf. As it should be.
  • Appearance matters. Clean stacked wear your fur and beautiful accessories. Unlike dogs, which neither put on, she will be happy, animals my kind of pay attention to the purity of the collar. My collar should reflect my personality. Simple but elegant, or with a touch of bohemian chic. Whether you like it or not, your appearance shows the whole world how you feel about himself, how would you rate yourself. Even if you speak perfect, as your fur or accessories with the horror pitch, you undermine his royal dignity.
  • Be independent. I rely on you in relation to food and water, because I'm in your house, but mostly I rely on myself. I know that when I'm acting through these days and I'm responsible for my happiness. I love your company, but also loneliness. I am responsible for your mood, emotions and needs.
  • Respect my boundaries. I bite you, or at least make a statement with a specific and lengthy protest, if you tear off me from sleep otberesh I have my toy, bringest in our house dog or otherwise transgress the world around me. And also do not bring here another cat. I was quite enough. I need all your attention and time. Please bring into our home so many fish and birds, how you want. Respect me and to our shared environment you will make your life easier, and I was happier. I do not need much, but I like it when they treat me with respect.
  • Go through fear. to climb the highest trees, even if you do not know how going out to get off . Go wherever you want to go in life, and not be afraid. You'll always find your way home, even if, going for a walk, you do not know how you do it. Being paralyzed by fear - it is for animals with brains smaller than you or me.
  • keep moving forward. You landed on all fours, if you fall, then pretend that this was intended. Do not concentrate on what you have fallen, I think that you are standing on their feet after a fall. We all sometimes fall. Get up and go on. I do not analyze why I dropped (because it can not!), I do not make generalizations, such as "I can not do this" or "with me always happens." I just think, "I fell. Next, a new adventure! »

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