10 things you should not expect from others

Meticulously towards others entails mountains frustration and resentment. After all, what we want from others, it does not always fit with their own point of view. < Website sharing with you an article about what you do not expect from others to avoid unnecessary frustration.

1. Do not expect from others only the right solutions h2> The moral principles of all human beings are formed depending on many factors, such as education, culture, religion, and so on.. For example, in some Asian countries the dog is considered a delicacy, and there does not seem wrong to have animal which we perceive as a pet. But that does not make the people living in those places, bad.

Here's another example: You do not say swear words, but your friend is swearing like a trooper. That means he or she is wrong? Well, there is some truth, but you do not change them, and the expectation that they will behave when you are in some other way, will only lead to deep disappointment.

Live as you like, and let others live as they like.

2. Ideal people do not happen h2> If you do not perceive shortcomings as something negative, you will never be disappointed. And people expect others to perfection, will inevitably feel as if they ever fail, and it brings to the relationship a significant tension. In fact, on the contrary, it would warn the people who tend to perfectionism, because this world has consequences in the form of depression, irritability, and chronic diseases.

Allow people to make mistakes and learn from them. Think what life would be like if no one ever missed. The world would be full of cold, soulless robots, and such a reality would hardly come to someone to taste.

3. Do not expect unconditional consent to your every word h2> Even best friends do not always agree with each other. So do not get upset when people are questioning what you say, or just have a different view. Our unique views and allow the planet to evolve and find better solutions.

4. People do not know how to read minds h2> Someone has well developed intuition, while others can not understand anything but the tone and facial expression. Just because you are more sensitive and can understand the feelings of others, it does not mean that other people have the same inclination. It is therefore clear to express their thoughts to others do not have to think out what you mean. And, to be frank, open communication allows you to build a strong and trusting relationship.

5. It is not necessary to hope that someone will pick you up at every fall h2> Of course, good friends and family to help you when you need it, but do not expect that they will always be there. They can also be downloaded to their problems, and to carry the load for the two of you can be a burden for them. This does not mean that they do not care, it means that sometimes you need to rely on their own strength and fight alone.

6. You will not always understood h2> Not everyone will understand the path that you have chosen. This is normal. After all, it's yours, not theirs. As long as you are in tune with yourself, you will not need someone else's decision. Thus, the fact that someone does not understand you, do not be too problematic.

7. Not always you will be treated as belong to someone you h2> Of course, it would be desirable that all follow this golden rule, but we do not live in a perfect world. Only with age and wisdom, people start coming to understand something, and basically have to put up with a certain injustice. Treat people tolerant and then you will not be so painful if someone react to you so kindly, as you would have liked.

8. People change h2> With the passage of time, people are changing thanks to the experience and the circumstances they face. Every day, people fighting, understandable only to him; think about it before you judge someone. Try to understand each not only if its ideals and standards are the same as yours.

9. We all get into trouble h2> Each of us life sometimes presents surprises, and some people in the adaptation takes longer than the other. Be tolerant and understand that everyone is trying to do everything in his power. Do not try to control other people in the way they build their lives.

10. No one will love you if you do not love yourself h2> All relationships begin and end with you. Therefore, if you want to receive love, it is necessary first of all to learn to feel it, and give. Developing the ability to love yourself, you will find beautiful and sincere relationship with another person.

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