25 cool facts about human psychology

Psychology - amazing science: it is constantly evolving and continues to amaze us with new and new facts about the behavior of people. Once penetrated, you realize that we are not so smart as we think about yourself. < Website offers you more than two dozen proofs of this assertion.

People feel happier when busy with something. Employment in itself a positive mental attitude. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust and surprise - it's six most important emotions. Emotions that we exercise more often, and that have the greatest impact on us. Chocolate causes our body to allocate the same hormones as the feeling of love. People are more honest when experiencing fatigue. Embrace duration of 20 seconds will cause the body to produce hormones of both men affection and trust. Studies have shown that the loss of the phone is so severe panic in modern humans that is comparable to the experience of clinical death. You become more logical, and your mind - more orderly when you say or think in a foreign language for you. In blind people never develop schizophrenia. Modern students are suffering from the same level of anxiety which even in 1950 was the cause of the imprisonment of people in psychiatric hospitals. Rejection you someone from the people makes you feel as if you have something hurts. Your mind wanders about 30% of the time. your most vivid memories are likely not real. You would think that in the past everything was better than it actually is. Even the illusion of progress encourages people to continue to work on the conceived. Internet addiction in a number of countries have recognized mental disorder. You can do several things at once. Dot. Your subconscious knows all the answers to your questions. We just need a good rummage in it. No matter how sociable person you are, even the brightest people of us are able to communicate with no more than 150 people from their environment. When you remember the events of the past, the brain every time they are overwritten. E. The more you remember something, the less accurate your "record". Small pieces of information are stored better. This is why the work so well article lists! All the memories over time iskazhayutsya.Lyudi with low self-esteem are more likely to bully others. 80% of all calls - a complaint. Free, even at the same time, poor people are more satisfied with their lives than the rich, but sensitive. Your brain is better able to think creatively if he was tired. The relationship is more important for your physical health than sport.

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