To beauty does not require victims ...

To beauty does not require victims, we only need to read part of what we buy and what we use on a regular basis.

1. Mascara is best to choose without inscription (FIBER FREE). The mascara to create more length and volume to eyelashes add fiber enveloping the cilia. These fibers create lumps, heavier opinion, fall, and that the worst thing in contact with the eye may cause irritation.

2. Look for mark «OIL FREE 'as part of foundation, so the cream does not shine, it does not change color throughout the day, and the skin does not feel greasy.

3. Mineral Oil (heavy and light) obtained from petroleum. The skin forms a greasy film, which does not allow the skin to breathe, taking oxygen. Clog pores. It may cause severe skin inflammation.

4. Powder without talc (Talc free) safe, because Talc is dangerous and toxic. It was prepared from the magnesium silicate. Do not use for children, because it can cause lung cancer.

5. Tallow (animal fat). Animal fat. In cosmetics, promotes growth of bacteria colonies.

6. Look for cosmetics without parabens (PARABEN FREE). Its trade name: butyl, ethyl, germa, methyl, propyl paraben. In cosmetics are used as preservatives. Cause dermatitis and allergies. Can cause breast cancer.

7. Modern Safe Cosmetics also contains: glycol (Glycols), gluten (Glueen), bentonite (Bentonite), also advise to choose cosmetics without silicones (silicone free). These chemicals are widely used in cosmetics for hair and makeup. To protect your hair, go around doing the cosmetic products where silicone content exceeds 50%.


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