18 counter treatments baking soda.

Drinking soda can treat the whole family from various ailments.

1. Taste of soda dissolved in milk, is familiar with each child. And to this day it is the best means to alleviate cough - Soda perfectly liquefies phlegm. Doctors recommend dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in the boiling milk and taken at night.

2. Those who do not like or can not tolerate milk, cough assist inhalation at a soda solution - tablespoon per liter of boiling water.

3. Nothing so well does not relieve a sore throat, as a gargle solution of baking soda - two teaspoons per cup of warm water. Rinse should be five or six times a day. Soda moisturizes the mucous membrane of the throat, thus reducing the tickle.

4. Coping with a cold will help instill in the nose soda solution. With copious recommend doing the washing - drip into the nose several pipette solution, and a minute later it clear of mucus. The procedure should be repeated two or three times a day.

5. When conjunctivitis help multiple eyewash solution of soda. Just remember that a cotton swab can be used only once.

6. What is the lady's finger did not resort to soda to get rid of the pain and heartburn? It neutralizes the excess acid in the stomach, and improvement occurs in a matter of minutes. Therefore soda for many years was the main remedy for peptic ulcer. However, frequent use of it produces the opposite effect: increased acid secretion. Moreover, by reacting the acid with soda produces carbon dioxide, which bombards the thinned wall of the stomach, which can lead to perforation of ulcers. Therefore soda should be used only when you do not have other drugs.

7. Soda has long been used in medicine as an antiarrhythmic agent. A sudden heart attack can be stopped by taking half a teaspoon.

8. Helps to soda and hypertension: enhanced thanks to the removal of fluids and salts from the body, it lowers blood pressure. Half a teaspoon, adopted along with medications to reduce their dose.

9. Soda - a very effective remedy for motion sickness. The main thing - do not forget to take to the road dust.
10. If someone be burnt acid, it can be instantly neutralized with soda solution.

11. Soda - a means of first aid for serious injuries, a large blood loss, poisoning, occur with repeated vomiting and diarrhea, prolonged fever with heavy sweats. To make up for the loss of fluid, it is necessary to prepare a soda-salt solution. The recipe is simple: half a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of salt diluted in one liter of warm boiled water. Give 1 tablespoon every five minutes.

12. Do not dispense soda and sick without a felon - suppurative inflammation of the finger. Treatment begins as soon as the throbbing pain. Prepare a strong solution of soda, two tablespoons of baking soda to half a liter of hot water. Dip your finger and hold it there for twenty minutes. Do this three times a day - and be sure to resolve inflammation.

13. Rinse the mouth well with soda relieves toothache. Especially effective is in flux (inflammation of the periosteum). Having prepared a hot soda solution, rinse their mouths 5 - 6 times a day. Sometimes it avoids surgery.

14. Soda - the perfect cosmetic. Mixing it with soap flakes, rub the face with this mixture twice a week. It is very good for youthful acne, clearing dead skin cells and opening pores person.

15. Soda can replace whitening toothpastes. Dipped cotton wool in it, rub your teeth until you remove the yellow plaque. The result is visible even after one such cleaning.

16. Not preventing sweating, baking soda neutralizes its acidic environment. And as you know, is it the bacteria multiply rapidly, that give the sweat odor. Therefore, in the summer mornings useful to wipe underarms cotton swab dipped in a solution of soda - the smell will not be all day.

17. Soda solution helps eliminate the effects of insect bites. If several times a day to lubricate them bite, then burning and itching disappear. In addition, soda prevents germs in the wound.

18. After a hard day to relieve fatigue and swelling of the feet to help foot baths with baking soda: five tablespoons of ten liters of warm water. Fifteen minutes - and you can dance until dawn!


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