The smell of YOUR HOME?


Have you noticed that all the houses and apartments smell differently? Someone from the doorway knocks down chronic smell of cigarette smoke, and someone meets the smell of freshly brewed coffee and homemade cakes. To make your house smelled of home, not a public catering or a warehouse you need to follow a few simple rules:

1. Be sure to ventilate the apartment at least three times a day, as well as separately after cooking with silnopahnuschih substances or in the case of any other force majeure circumstances aromatic. It - cross-ventilation, prevents the absorption of odors in carpets, textiles and soft furnishings. In addition to the draft still requires constant ventilation: open windows, properly installed double-glazed windows, fans or hoods in the bathroom and kitchen.

2. On the pillow in the bedroom before going to bed dripping a drop of lavender oil - and sleep will be better, and the smell of laundry will not be dismantled stagnate.

3. In the microwave oven from time to time put on full power for 30 seconds, a cup of water with lemon juice - destroyed so bad "microwave" smell.

4. If the kitchen is something burned or too palpable to cook, boil on the stove for half an hour with the lid open half a liter of water, which squeezed juice of one lemon and stuff thrown five cloves.

5. In the oven immediately after cooking put orange peel and keep there until cool oven.

6. The smell in the house from the water pipes discourages such a mixture, abandoned for 15 minutes in the opening of the tube: baking soda, vinegar and coarse salt in a ratio of 1: 1: 2. Keeping quarter of an hour, wash with hot water.

7. The anti-odor in the refrigerator, you can use baking soda. For example, in the refrigerator for a glass of soda diluted in water. Or just put in the refrigerator ordinary baking soda in a plastic container with holes. If there is no container, place an open box of baking soda and change every three months.

8. Fill in the iron not the water, and a solution of weak essences lily of the valley, violet and orange blossom.

9. boxes with linen and clothes shelf linen bags decompose in which protection: dried in the oven chips orange peel, coffee beans, vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks.

10. Fish dishes after rinse with vinegar, and rub in the hands of a grain of coffee.









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