What people regret, looking back on his life in 30, 40 and 50 years?

What kind of things people regret in adulthood?
It is believed that Beethoven on his deathbed said: "applaud, my friends, the comedy is over!". Lou Costello before his death said: "It was the best ice cream that I had to try».

I want to share with you the lessons I drew from their mistakes of youth. All of them can designate only one particle "not».

1. Do not buy things!
Instead, invest in their own life experience. Travel. Go to the girl who told you "maybe", even though she lives on the other side of the globe. Remember: life experience and impressions, not things - this is real life.

2. Do not do what you do not want to do!
Do you think that you have time to catch everything. But it is not. And at one point, did not you realize that your time is up. Just too late. You have lived your life, but not the way they wanted. You ran for something alienated. Do you have a goal? Excellent. Not promazhte.

3. Do not try to please everyone!
No one is more worthy of love than you. I wish I remembered it too late. I spent time in vain, trying to win a completely foreign to me. The money that you have lost, you can earn. Even 5 minutes of wasted time - this is what you have lost forever.

4. Do not try to start a relationship with someone who loves another man!
The relationship with a man who loves another, and the other is not, you are doomed. This kind of black hole, which lost all your bright emotions and feelings, and you will only emptiness.

5. Do not make promises that can not keep ...
... If you do not want to feel the latest swine and constantly apologizing to another person because you have not fulfilled the promise.

6. Do not wait until others will tell you "yes»!
First of all, tell yourself 'yes' for yourself and the rest will be answered in the affirmative later.

7. Do not steal a paper clip from the office!
It seems a trifle. But it undermines your credibility. Be honest. Your word must be really short.

8. Do not leave the place in my life that pulls you down!
Do not eat junk food. Do not read third-news. Try to stay away from colleagues who just do nothing but gossip in the corridor, trying to throw mud at everyone and everything. Do not spend time with people who are not going to go through life.

9. Do not regret!
It may seem that all of the above - my regrets. But it is not. It is a kind of tattoo to remember that with me to this day. You can not go back in time, you can not fix it, and to think about their failures and mistakes - it is useless and stupid.

10. Do not bookmark pages that you have already read.
Today, everything will start again. But remember that your tomorrow will largely depend on your today.

Lessons list
Invest in a good deal of money, while you are young.
Be generous, but do not let people sit around your neck.
Travel every time get the chance. Do not miss a single opportunity.
Live a least a year abroad. So you will understand that the world is not confined to your little corner.
Love, friendship and health care - it is something that can not be postponed until later.
I think the most important thing - it's just live and not give up. Always and under all circumstances.
What people regret in 70 years
I read and wonder that many people are so few regrets. I'm almost 70 years old, and although I am quite happy with my life, if I decided to record all my regret, that I would have a material for an entire book. I'm sorry about all his stupid decisions and ill-considered actions. I regret every opportunity that I missed. The list is long. I try not to regret, but I'm sure there is something to regret.
I've always been quite secure, I have a nice big family and I love my wife. But I still regret that 50 years ago did not had the courage and met a charming girl, who was sitting at the next table in a university dining room and smiled at me.

Life - a game
Life - a game in which there are rules and the players. You know, you lose or win. But the game is luck, fraud and false moves of rivals. The game is unpredictable, and that is unfortunate now that can play in your favor in the future. This and interesting life.

Follow your dream
I regret that I did not follow his dreams in his youth. I decided that I definitely need to go to university. If I could believe in themselves, to fulfill their dreams and desires, and not just be worried about how in the future to find a good job, but now my life would be completely different.

I would like to go back and talk to a twenty. I would advise itself to think twice to consider alternatives before taking expensive loans for education, which does not belong to the soul. I have decided to invest the money I spent on studies, a small business, and it would be a real school of life. Or, alternatively, I would advise to get yourself another profession, which has always dreamed of, and would become a writer. Who knows, maybe I would have presented to the world some masterpiece, if in 20 years, listened to his heart and not for others.

Spend time with children
My main regret is that I did not spend time with their children (from the moment they are born until the time they reached adolescence). I was obsessed with work and thought it was my only important duty and responsibility - to provide for his family. I was wrong. This time it will not return, so now I often say to their children as an adult, I'm sorry that he lived only work, and urge them not to repeat my mistake.
I was very lucky because I have a good and loving wife, who forgave me my always busy and well cared for our children. But when we look at family photographs of the time, they clearly someone is missing ... Me. If you have children, they should be your top priority. Attend school events, sporting events, family trips and just to all the events that are important for your children.


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