How are the children named Lucifer and Adolf Hitler

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Brothers Lucifer and Waldemar from Perm h2> A couple from Perm Natalia and Konstantin Menshikov identify themselves as satanic sect, have become famous all over the country in the autumn of last year, after the birth of her first child.

Young people gave his son the name of an unusual and memorable - Lucifer. Here it is, by the way, the baby and his birth certificate.

To the registrar of young parents tried to dissuade him from such a name, but to no avail.

His choice of a couple explained simply: « Lucifer - a symbol of self-sufficiency, protest. God - a tyrant and a desire to see people obedient puppets and Lucifer encourages individuality. That is the name of positive ».

The boy's mother while added: "If you do not like it, will change in 14 years».

However, at first no luck unusual name the boy or his parents did not bring: after the birth of a son the couple decided to break up. The reason, according to Natalia, served as her husband's infidelity. However, after a while she just husband and Union reunited.

A few days ago in the family and does Menshikovs happened completion: second child was born. The same boy.

Above the name of the second son's pair had to smash his head a little. At first, the baby would be called Lestat (in honor of the hero of the vampire novels by American writer Anne Rice). However, at the last minute they changed their minds and chose the name Waldemar

According to Natalia, in short child will be called the Will.

«Strong, proud name» , - she explained.

A child without documents named Boch h2> Employees Permian registrar although parents tried to dissuade Lucifer Woldemar and the choice is very unusual names for kids, but impede the registration is still not started. But in ChERTANOVSKAJa registry office in Moscow in 2002, flatly refused to enter the birth certificate of the boy's name Boch RVF 260 602 According to the institution, it was done to protect the interests of the child. Note that Today in Russia there is no law that forbids children called similar names

A set of letters and numbers chosen as the name of the parents baby Vyacheslav Voronin and Marina Frolova, stands for "Biological Object Man kind Voronin-Frolov." The figures, in turn, represent the prefix as a date of birth.

Unable to negotiate with the registry office of the registration of a name, the child's father went to court, but there was refused. The next step was the Strasbourg court. But here, the man did not help. As a result, the boy was left without a birth certificate and other documents with which carriers have a more mundane names.

The only thing that Vyacheslav Voronin managed to get to his son, so it is world passport , which is issued to any interested non-profit organization based in Washington, DC World Service Authority (World Government of World Citizens).

After 13 years, the situation with the registration of the name Boch RVF 260 602 has not changed. The child still continues to live without documents, and parents, in turn, do not plan to abandon the obsession to give his son an unusual name.

Crimea from Ekaterinburg h2> Crimea Alexandrovich, according to the registry office of the Leninsky district of Yekaterinburg, was registered in October 2014. Share any additional information about the parents of a boy with an iconic name in the institution refused.

Adolf Hitler from New Jersey h2>

Not only in Russia is much to give children unusual names. Campbell Family couple from New Jersey (US), well-known in the city for Nazi convictions in 2006 named their third child Adolf Hitler.

For two years in the US namesake Fuhrer neither the press nor the public did not pay attention. About child with an unusual name learned after the scandal in the candy store, who refused to bake a cake with the word «Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler!» .

After this incident, the family became interested in social services. Nagryanuv to Campbells home, employees of the guardianship discovered a lot of things with Nazi symbols, and even found out that my sister named Adolf Hitler Campbell Eriya Nation (Aryan Nation). After checking and talk with spouses, social workers insisted on the temporary deprivation of parental rights, as the couple was suspected of abusing children.



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