In India, there is a store called "Hitler"


The owner of this shop that sells men's clothing, says he does not know who Hitler. He believed that Hitler was only a "very strict man, whom his grandfather business partner gave a nickname." The Indians thought that the store called "Hitler" and add a point above the letter i swastika symbol will be "bold and fun." About who was Adolf Hitler, in fact, the shop owner, "only now learned of Google».

The Jewish community claims that it all lies and marketing. One customer said: "He (the owner of the store) is not only well aware of who Hitler was, but he also learned his tastes: for example, the store sold the same style cufflinks that favored Hitler».

Members of the local synagogue tried to force provocateur change the name of the store, but he refused on the pretext that "spent $ 2,700 on advertising and yet none of disgruntled offered him up for this amount of change of name brand shopping.»



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