Adolf Hitler

Flowers, landscapes, buildings ... And all the incredible beauty. Who would have thought that the creator of these paintings is Adolf Hitler - Nazi chief of all time. In his hands the blood of a plurality of innocent people, and yet once he could not become a dictator and a good artist, and the history of the world (Russia in particular) would be far from being so sad ... but it happened anyway - the young talent Hitler did not recognize the artist, did not accept it at the Vienna Academy of Art, and then asked him to be a simple architect, but knew in advance that such little interest in his career ...

But he still found the use of his talent - began to sell paintings. In this he was helped by a Ganish Reinhold, whom he met Adolf Hitler in 1909. Basically Hitler redraw images from postcards and old engravings, which were often depicted various buildings. Hitler people either did not know how to draw, or did not want to do it (there are only a few paintings with the girls). It is known that Hitler was an unsociable man, therefore, most likely, and that, and another is the place to be.

Once someone said that we should be more attentive to the talent, citing the example of Hitler was, they say, it did not recognize the artist and he decided to become F├╝hrer. For me, still remains a mystery how so unbalanced, expressive and ruthless man could draw flowers, nature, mother and child, as well as many other fine things. Strange.

By the way, 29 January this year, I mean yesterday, one of Hitler's paintings was sold at auction for 32,000 euros, although the initial cost of the product was 10 thousand euros. The buyer's name was not disclosed.


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