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37 President Richard Nixon at the central market in Moscow. 1992 god7633f1792a.jpg

1971. Nuclear explosion at Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia. Photography is often used for desktop wallpaper and many believe 3D grafikoy.2403fd2d0d.jpg



Adolf Hitler dressed in field uniforms during the First World War. 1915 god3efe6265df.jpg

Adolf Hitler jokes with devushkamidabdb0b7a9.jpg

Alois Hitler, Adolf Hitler's Nazi father, dressed in the uniform of the Austrian veterana5d4db0ca3c.jpg

Albert Einstein with a doll depicting his samogo23bc313e03.jpg

Albert Eynshteyn0a5e467569.jpg

Alfred Hichkokc73d3717a6.jpg

American acrobat in the 20s of last veka8be5346f82.jpg

US military patrol in the area Vetname24f4d845ca.jpg

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin75b20e3dd9.jpg

Arnie in the midst of a career kulturistaf43339154d.jpg

Barack Obama and John Makkeyn44d2547edb.jpg

Bob Marley plays futbol0f74f475ad.jpg

Great Theatre of the early 20th veka1c1e4c65e8.jpg

Boris Yeltsin dancing at a concert in Rostov. June 10, 1996 g64c20620e8.jpg

Wright Brothers rejoice, the first successful flight of its detischa44dfdd6208.jpg

Brezhnev bane720cac7656.jpg

Bruce Lia12b9f1c2e.jpg

Lenin and Stalin in Gorki. 1922 god39b66a31e5.jpg

Lenin and Krupskaya Lenin with his nephew Victor and daughter working faith in Gorki. August-September 19225fc07ffc5e.jpg

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War. May 9, 2002 goda21b93694ed.jpg

Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the event opening rock club in Moscow. 1992 god589db6d0fb.jpg

Vladislav Tretyak590cba443f.jpg

Henry Ford1bcb69e123.gif

Hitler and his family Gebels (Goebbels) 85a0a7744b.jpg

Hitler show the layout of the famous Zhukaa70ef8bd17.jpg

Gorky and Lenin on Capri playing shahmatyfe6665a945.jpg

George W. Bush, as always, with a straight face)) 25a71ff931.jpg

Egypt. 1859 god042e004070.jpg

Defender of the pyramid MMM. After the arrest of Sergei Mavrodi48b3c94343.jpg

The famous biker gang Angels ada74a14aad60.jpg

Ivan Pavlov and his guinea sobaka6237172de1.jpg

The game of polo avtomobilyaha5e9105bf4.jpg

Known mobsters Al Capone

Yip Man taught the young Bruce Lee's kung-fueeb8cd03fb.jpg

St. Isaac's Cathedral. 1852. The picture is interesting because it is embodied in the old Big Stone Bridge, which will disassemble in 1857 godu..e36feb3d47.jpg

Fighter crashes. Pilot katapultirovalsya728df730d5.jpg

As seen in the photos, this is Miss Philadelphia. Only here a year neizvesten396b82c868.jpg

As the name on the board, it's a train on an air cushion. Apparently did not catch on ... 8bb8fbe5e7.jpg

Klara Hitler, nee crawled mother Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. 1890 god7601de4b90.jpg

classic view of the Kremlin in 1852 gf23d2fac17.jpg

Clint Eastwood on the set of one of his legendary westerns

Communist rally in Moscow. 1992 godf8cfa5e17a.jpg

Queen Elizabeth II5493c3f636.jpg

Coronation of Elizabeth II. 1953 go8a39181c24.jpg

Bathing Nicholas II

A boy selling newspaper with the news about the death of Titanikaa9762bbe55.jpg

Marine escapes from crashed helicopter, which can vzorvatsyaba59bf27ad.jpg

Muhammad Ali at home obstanovke57d9c69def.jpg

Marilyn Monroe and distorting mirror

On the set of Three mushketerovb038f4d491.jpg

On the set of the film "The Birds" a0d43e795f.jpg

Real cowboys wild zapadae8b113e756.jpg

Start of production Harley Devidson5a049831d4.jpg

Nikita Khrushchev talks in poezde2ad1e3fe50.jpg

Nikita Khrushchev fun at ohoteb7644f5324.jpg

Nancy Reagan and Mr. Tib28db99156.jpg

Auguste and Louis Lumière, inventors kinematografafd2cea37ad.jpg

One of the most interesting pictures - construction site of the Temple of Christ the Savior in 1852 g..338673b667.jpg

Elvis serving urgent sluzhbu7d631aaa08.jpg

All in the first McDonald's in SSSR9a82550def.jpg

Preparations start monkeys kosmos4738da982a.jpg

Fire brigade, Brooklyn. 1910 goda162c9ae30.jpg

The consequences of the bombing napalmom64bd50d644.jpg

Staged photo of this nature were fashionable in America from the early 20th veka.95828fcabc.jpg

US President Barack Obama and Secretary Ray Lahud.b9c7a0ae4f.jpg

US President Barack Obama and the statue supermena.5ee704ad53.jpg

Pierre and Marie Curie, the discoverer of radioactivity in their laboratorii.e50f2d9770.jpg

Midst of the fighting during the Vietnam voyny780626ca86.jpg

Richard Nikson.1df942826c.jpg

Drop bombs on Vietnam territoriyu57353f97a0.jpg

Silvio Berlusconi shows "goat" b9e4e84e8b.jpg

Stalin krivlyaetsyad8e330823a.jpg

Steve Jobs reveals facts AyBiEmua3a6888f6a.jpg

Storoitel skyscraper resting after obeda5e5dc39498.jpg

Shooting Robokopa62ac9f8cd3.jpg

These were Centerfolds early last veka2deeb6ef76.jpg

Winston Churchill on plyazheecd905508a.jpg

Fallen cadet. Moscow 1999 godfcaf121733.jpg

Fans Bittlz4aab55f5df.jpg

Fanny Kaplan shot at Lenina3d314f7366.jpg

Franklin and Ruzvelt0bcfff5238.jpg

Lead screws Titanikaa7c056016c.jpg

Khrushchev podkurivaet president Ahmed Sukarno of Indonesia.

Charles Manson are the building suda737649c63e.jpg

Black oversees marched Kuklus - klana.85060b717f.jpg

Storming the White House. Special Forces "Alpha» .ff3897476d.jpg

Elvis in armii8d60167212.jpg

Andy Uorhol52a1097dd0.jpg


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