5 phrases that you can not say out loud


"Why is the universe does not hear me?" - Asking a very decent and good people complaining about the constant failures. In fact, a higher power just listen very carefully to the words and try to fulfill all wishes. Therefore, to fundamentally change the unfavorable situation, sometimes simply to say optimistic, life-affirming phrases. At the same time, there are expressions that it is better to forget and not to use.

"I do not know»
The Universe is listening primarily to what was said out loud, in the second - to the thoughts that are drawn to specific requests, but to read and decipher the unconscious mind she can not. "Do you want to change the unloved work? Get a high-level position, or new knowledge, to find like-minded people? "- In the face of your friends or relatives asked for clarification of the universe. What gets obscure answer: "I do not know." You do not know, then, will be a surprise! And the surprises of fate, unfortunately, rarely pleasant. As a result, instead of improving the situation get additional problems.
If you are unhappy with any aspects of his life, telling about it, be sure to mention what should happen to the difficulties resolved.

"I do not work»
There is a lack of knowledge, so do not get to perform a complex task. But what if there happens to be a specialist ready to help with advice? Little free time, so do not get to meet with friends. And if the boss will let work early? The list of such situations and circumstances is endless, the essence is - everything is possible, if luck is on your side. The main thing is not to frighten it with the phrase "I will not succeed." Its negative impact I noticed during his studies. My classmate, well prepared for the exam, often says: "I will not surrender, will score the bad." It later admitted, saying these words, so as not to jinx it, but the result was just the opposite. The rating came out lower than expected on the top ten reasons that are usually denoted by the phrase "Bad luck." But after the words "I'll try to do it" luck is not forced to wait long, and always falls right ticket. This technique works well in all situations, mysteriously folding unusually favorable circumstances.

"I would be your problem»
When a friend suffers a choice between a mink coat and Pestsovaya fur or complains too moist sea air, and I want to cry out: "I would be your problem!" Do not hesitate - after these words of her problems, you are sure to get, but this will not those pleasant concerns that prompted you to reckless statement. Ideal seemingly alien life may hide a lot of hidden unpleasant moments - for example, conflicts with family members, problems with loved ones, or vice versa, unloved spouse, unrealized dreams and ambitions, poor health. In order not to experience it all for yourself, the best answer: "I would take a mink. And in Paris! "Let the Universe will perform exactly is your desire!

"Never go to this»
In other words - do not exclude themselves! It does not matter whether it's skydiving or meanness, treachery, treason. Fate will do everything to make you give up these words, and, most likely, the lesson will be fierce! In this way, the universe once again proves that a person can not control all the events in your life. Try to be less categorical. Always stressed that you feel that way at this very moment, and explain that you practice this point of view for a reason.

"I'm not beautiful»
External beauty - it's just human perception by others, and it does not depend on facial features, nor the proportions of the figure. Saying out loud: "I am ugly" or similar within the meaning of the phrases you specify the universe, what is the perception you are quite satisfied. In the end, no matter what metamorphosis does not happen with your appearance, will still be around to see the front of a plain girl. However, if in every corner sing the praises of their own beauty and appeal of this is not to add. Think about why you want to lose weight right now, to build up your nails or even plastic surgery? You want to captivate a man, others evoke sympathy or elegant look in a new dress? Then, in a conversation with relatives instead of complaints about its appearance ozvuchte it is this desire, and it will come true!


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