6 of the richest people in history ....

6) Andrew Mellon
Status at the peak: $ 188.8 billion. Age at the peak of 80
He headed the bank his father. In addition, he was a shareholder in the companies related to the oil, steel and construction vehicles.

5) Osman Ali Khan, Asaph Jah VII
Status at the peak: $ 210.8 billion. Age at the peak: 50
The last ruler of the Kingdom of Hyderabad and Berar, before it was annexed by India.

4) William Henry Vanderbilt
Status at the peak: $ 231.6 billion. Age at the peak: 64
Newspaper magnate.

3) Nicholas II
Status at the peak: $ 235 billion. Age at the peak of 49
All of his fortune he had inherited.

2) Andrew Carnegie
Status at the peak: $ 298.3 billion. Age at the time: 68
But the real money came to Andrew's steel production. In 1880 he built a biggest steelmaker

1) John D. Rockefeller
Status at the peak: $ 318 billion (in the dollar at the end of 2007). Age at the time: 74
His company went down in history as the biggest monopolies in the history of the United States. Standard Oil owned 90% of the market of refined oil (kerosene) in America.


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