Three things that most people are afraid

The site publishes a wonderful article by Marina Poznyakova "based on" Dostoevsky's famous phrase about what fears most lyudey.Moe environment shares with me the most cherished. They want to talk to, to find support or to receive advice. But it is possible to trace one main rule: they are all afraid of something.

Someone is afraid of losing loved ones, someone crazy reduce thoughts about loneliness, someone crazy wants children, and someone always looking for money. And for each of them, these problems become fad. They reduce their world to the same goal - to solve a specific problem. Enjoying life - this is the way people. We are given a fair wind, we enjoy life, not complicate it permanently. In the drama a little joy, and often we want to be members of a tragedy than a comedian to become realistic.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said: «There are three things that most people are afraid of: trust, speak the truth and be yourself» And as for me, he then brought the perfect ingredients for fear of modern society.


1. We are afraid to trust the people h2> behind us - a long way, which was rich with treachery, betrayal and disappointment. Life has given us a good lesson, readily available, but difficult curable. Trusting people is becoming more and more difficult, but also the desire to do it kills each year. As we age, we can see through people and often foresee their intentions. With the experience and knowledge of life becomes clearly more difficult, but it teaches us the main thing - wisdom.

Our soul has an amazing property - to heal. It is not necessary to close from the people, we need only one thing - to love and be loved, so let the world know us. Let us not be afraid to open up to strangers, because, perhaps, a stranger yesterday, tomorrow will be your other half.

2. We are afraid to tell the truth h2> Everyone remembers from childhood that a small lie gives rise for a large. Any innuendo entails problems and consequences. We rarely say "whole" truth, because we know exactly what the truth may be an obstacle to a happy future. The truth always forces us to go a roundabout way, it is easier to embellish, unsaid than to feel uncomfortable the first 5 minutes.

Learn to speak the truth in any situation, do not lie, rather say nothing than promise more than you can do. Try to be the person trusted is not groundless.

3. We are afraid to be myself h2> The world has taught us to play. Play daily and immaculate. We can not afford to be ourselves with all our surroundings. Masks become our main accessory. The fight for a place under the sun - was the main task of each. "Be yourself" - this is the trend, but few can afford it. We are in the framework of public opinion, and to deal with this opinion not everyone has power. We stopped to appreciate his "unusual" in order to merge with the crowd. We - unique alone, but typically next to the other.

Understand what it is you want. Take a step towards your desires. Allow yourself to relax next to the other, and live. Live anywhere, anytime. Do not think that a passerby would think, breathe air and do what you've always wanted, but never fear. Show the world your face, and the world open itself on the other side.



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