Saving for tangled hair: a tool that is easy to do with their hands.

tangled hair - it is a nightmare for every woman. Do not even want to remember how much inconvenience they cause brushing ! It hurts, and for a long time, and have to throw the whole strand ... Though now you can buy a variety of means for hair care, not all of them are effective and useful. Even more - the chemicals in their composition greatly hurt your head of hair.

Do not hurry to get upset: «website» is Natural Hair Spray , which you can do yourself. Your hair will stop mischievous naughty!

Spray volos

You will need
200 ml mineral water 1 h. Liter. aloe juice 10-15 drops of grapefruit juice 1-2 drops of oil on your choice (lavender oil, jojoba oil, for example) spray bottle < /

All is well mixed in a spray bottle and apply with immediate effect. The result is amazing! But that it was fixed, do not forget about the main rules Putao hair care

From time to time trimming tips. Fear not for the length of your hair! After a short haircut they grow faster. For a while and forget about the hair dryer on hair color. Their harm is not even worth talking about ... After shampooing sure to use hair conditioner. Do a head massage. Use a wooden comb - it does not hurt the hair.



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