15+ Things That unspeakably make life easier for young parents

To make it easier for young parents and more fun to raise their kids, designers are coming up with more and more new prisposobleniya.My collected 18 gizmos that are designed to simplify the lives of young mothers and fathers. Some simply the envy horoshi.Portativny urinal for malenkih.

Pacifier Thermometer.

Spoon with a container for food.

Litter in the tub for bathing.


Personal ultrasonic device, which is connected to the smartphone.

Closing the teat - Falling independently formed in a case.

Carrying in which the mother and baby warm.

The cup, which can be used to mask the drug, syrup or broth.

Device for baby shower.


Pad mom.

Holder for baby bottle with Velcro.

Reflective Case for child seats.

Case for diapers and wipes, which can be hung next to the crib.

Children's tent for outdoor recreation.

Camera to monitor the child, which can be connected to your phone.

Baby hammock for the aircraft. Yandex

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