Deflection counted!

Rather unexpected decision was made one of the employees of real estate agency Rapid Realty in New York. Call your boss Anthony Lolli, he said that in a fit of allegiance decided to fill tattoo depicting the logo of the agency. And does not require special preferences. I just wanted the man to go to a higher level of involvement, or something.
Savvy manager reasoned that the initiative is very extraordinary, and it still should be encouraged. Moreover, if any precedent take effect on other employees, it is quite a good PR-move. And pyatnadtsatiprotsentnoe has promised salary increase for all joined the loyalty program.
And away we go. And the people said with a straight face, that is not chasing financial gain, making such a drastic step, but simply wants to emphasize loyalty to the company, which has the honor of labor. And even some surprise expressed by relatives of such a step, do not stop to show solidarity with the company. In which they work not just for the paycheck, but because of the enormous pleasure derived from the process.
To me it is a bit like assurances players (hockey, basketball) allegiance to the next club, that is for the club he wanted to act since childhood and blah blah blah until the next transition. The only difference is that the sport still pay more so the tattoo with the logo of the club do not ask for stuff.
It is interesting to me to know whether workers withdraw tattoo dismissal or simply nabyut next next?
By the way, Mr. Manager Anthony Lolli put the stamp on the company itself is not yet in a hurry. Maybe it knows something?


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