15 superpowers of our body, breathtaking

Man - it sounds good! Our bodies are endowed with incredible powers, which we sometimes do not even guess. The site decided to compile a list of facts that show what we can do. < 1. If a pregnant woman having problems with the heart, the fetal cells penetrate into the damaged heart muscle and help restore its tissues.

2. rotation of the forearm going wonderfully. The forearm consists of two parallel bones, and when we stretch the muscles, they overlap, allowing a rotation of the hand.

3. If you scream too loudly, the brain sends the corresponding signals and there is a slight hearing loss, so that people do not fade away screaming.

4. When the mother's kiss (as the animals lick), their children, they ingest bacteria from the skin of the child against whom special protective antibodies produced. Then, these antibodies into the body of the child through breast milk.

5. The accretion of broken bones - a very complex 'jewelry process. " Some time later, after breaking bones in splice forms a seal in the form of cones, which are gradually smoothed out and dissolves, and the bone becomes original form.

6. Every day, our body consumes, on average, one cell that could turn into cancer.

7. Under the influence of the sun damaged and dying cells are not our skin. Sunburn - a response of skin cells to DNA damage that can lead to cancer, so the cells destroy themselves.

8. With the ability to self-cooling of the human body, people can overtake many animals, but only on long distances.

9. If the person to remove up to 75% of the liver, it can grow back to its original size, in the same way as a lizard's tail grows discarded.

10. One includes hogged * atozoid 37, 5 MB of DNA information. Thus, during one ejaculation a man passes 15 875 GB of data.

11. Users and bioluminescent glow in the dark. However, the light that we generate a thousand times weaker than the one that can see our eyes.

12. lacerations on the body heal faster than sliced.

13. When we blush, our stomach also turns red.

14. Why our fingers shrink from a long stay in the water? This is not due to moisture absorption, and because, thanks to wrinkled skin on the fingers of a man easier to keep things under water.

15. human fingers are so sensitive that if they were the size of Earth, we could feel the difference between the houses and cars.

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