College graduate surgical station created using elements printed on 3D-printer

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Frank Kolkmen created a surgical machine with open source, controlled by means of an ordinary controller from the game console PlayStation. Loop components and missing deficient structural elements were printed on 3D-printer.

His creation, with a hint of availability of treatment the average patient Frank Kolkmen called «OpenSurgery» («open surgery"). In his opinion a surgical station can be used in healthcare institutions, whose budget can not afford to purchase surgical equipment from the leading players of the market, estimated today at 2 and more than a million dollars.

Some components of the device, Frank bought on the Internet, some of the missing part was printed on 3D-printer. "In fact, 3D-printer and OpenSurgery use the same electronic components. External devices are connected via cables. After connecting all the components the user receives is half functional surgical machine ", - says Frank.

A sufficient level of precision in the manipulation of surgical instruments, according to Frank Kolkmena, it can be achieved by using game joystick on the PlayStation . As used in the configuration controller is affordable and provides the required level of freedom for the efficient and convenient control. One of the advantages of surgical Kolkmena machines, according to the author installation, the ability to successfully operate with minimal external incisions.

Create OpenSurgery Frank took 5 months and cost about 5000 US dollars, of course, it becomes a very powerful argument in favor of the installation. "Even in advanced countries such as the US, medicine every day is becoming less affordable for most people. The main purpose of my unit - the possibility of providing quality health care services that will not depend on the economic framework ", - says Frank.

Of course, assessing the prospects of development must not forget that on the other side of the scale is health, and perhaps the life of the patient. And therefore, is not the same, even the simplest operation using OpenSurgery and its promising replication has been carried out, talk about the ultimate success even with the impressively low price is definitely too early.

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Kolkmen himself honestly recognizes that there are certain problems with the status OpenSurgery, "... any system, subsystem or set that has not been checked and approved by the regulatory authorities." Therefore, at this stage of the project it was announced as a non-profit and is presented solely for academic purposes. In this regard, the author of the project OpenSurgery logically emphasizes that shall not be liable for personal injury or death caused by the use of any equipment or information related to the project OpenSurgery.

Well, we wish Frank Kolkmenu success and will monitor developments in real-time.

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