The Englishman built a model of the sphere of Archimedes


Mentions of mechanical models of the sky found in the works of several ancient authors. Typically, such a model is associated with Archimedes. The earliest mention of this model is found in the dialogue of the Roman author Маркуса Tulliusa Cicero , founded in the first century BC. One of the characters dialogue describes how the Roman general Marcus Claudius Marcellus attacked the home of Archimedes of Syracuse in 212 BC During this attack Archimedes himself was assassinated, and the general took his one and only thing - the scope of Archimedes.

When a character is seen in the sphere of action, he realized that Archimedes - the greatest genius. The model of Archimedes were the sun, moon and the five known planets at that time. Each of the objects moving in a certain path at a certain speed.

Historians have long believed that the description of the scope, given that Cicero was a simple invention. But the discovery of Антикитерского mechanism gave scientists reason to believe that the Romans and the Greeks can create extremely complex mechanical systems.

Residues mechanism were examined, including X-ray tomography. Initial reconstruction of the mechanism set up the English science historian Derek John de Solla Price. The scientist spent X-ray machinery, and built his scheme. In 1959 he published in Scientific American a detailed description of the device. Full diagram of the device was only introduced in 1971 and contains 32 gears.


Wright shows details of its mechanism, it contains all 24 gears

Michael Wright (Michael Wright), a specialist in mechanical devices from the London Science Museum, undertook a new study of the mechanism, which use the method of X-ray tomography. We have been constructed and studied X-ray two-dimensional slices of the mechanism. Preliminary results of the study were presented in 1997. They showed that in the reconstruction of the Price are fundamental errors. In particular, it has been convincingly shown that the assumption of a differential transmission mechanism is not true. In 2002, Wright offered his reconstruction. He confirmed the overall conclusion of the Price that the mechanism was used for modeling the motion of celestial bodies. According to Wright, the mechanism can not only simulate the movement of the sun and moon, and the five planets known in antiquity - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Now Michael Wright built model and scope of Archimedes , however, in their work He used a large number of assumptions and guesses. Mechanical model of the scope proposed by Wright, will be presented to the public September 27, 2015 at the exhibition in Basel, Switzerland. Interestingly, Wright did exactly the scope, but most modern scholars believe that the model was flat.

Mechanical model of the sphere of Archimedes created Wright, it contains 24 gears, as mentioned above. The system displays the sun and moon moving at a constant speed, plus the heavens and planets move.



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