6 reasons why you can not give up the ice massage.

Ice massage can be called cryotherapy at home. The effectiveness of this procedure is superior to even the most optimistic expectations, and for its implementation does not need to have special equipment, special conditions or medical education. If you want to be always young and beautiful - try to do ice massage, and you will see results in just a few sessions! We offer to your attention the 6 reasons why you should pamper your skin with such procedures.

1. It makes the skin supple and elastic

The cold improves blood circulation, giving the skin a healthy natural shine.

2. Reduces inflammation of the area

Ice cubes can help reduce inflammation, redness, pimples make less noticeable. You can put ice on the pimples for a few seconds (no more!), Until you stop to feel cold on the skin. It works flawlessly.

3. Helps conceal dark circles under the eyes

Freeze cucumber juice and ice cubes can be used to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Very helpful if you are rapidly spent the night and in the morning the skin looks tired.

4. Evens skin tone

Ice cubes are the cheapest toners, allowing before applying makeup narrow pores and make the skin smooth.

5. Replaces makeup

This method is suitable for young skin. If you do not have time to make up - wipe the skin with ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. This will help to get a radiant and fresh look without makeup.

6. Wrinkles

Ice massage reduces the risk of wrinkles at an early age and reduces the signs of aging.


1. Wipe your skin in a circular motion along the massage lines.
1. Do not stop for long in one place, not to supercool the delicate skin of the face.
2. For a single session is enough 2-3 ice cubes.
3. After the massage applied to the skin cream or lotion.
4. To make ice cubes, you can use lemon juice, green tea, cucumber, fennel broth, chalet, chamomile and other herbs that have a beneficial effect on the skin.
5. Never (!) Is used to massage the frozen water from the tap.

If you want to look younger than their age - always try to wipe the face with ice. This is a proven way to look great! Share with your friends this advice - and earn +100 to his karma!

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