Forget the heater! These are simple ways to help you stay warm in cold weather.

The heating season has not yet arrived, and already prone to frost people suffer from a lack of heat in their cozy homes or apartments.
In this situation, the easiest way to heating chamber - is the use of a heater. Option though not bad, but do not call it a cost-effective will.
Perhaps, it is necessary to pay attention to other tips. It was them and to share with you TakProsto

To keep warm at home, please note the following recommendations:

Walls em>
Pay attention to the walls of their homes. If the thickness is less than 40 cm, it is time to change something, so as not to knock his teeth against the cold. Think about their insulation: foam or other materials with low thermal conductivity will not freeze in cold weather.

Windows em>

You know why we are torn off curtains or blinds in the morning and close them at night? It's not that at night you can see the other everything that happens in your house. Just a night window - the main source of heat loss. When the street light, seize the moment to warm up your home free energy of the sun's rays, just peel all the curtains.

Moreover, the window can be insulated by the foam or film. However, with an annual red tape wrapping of window frames clearly bored. There is an option, though more expensive, but rationally - the installation of plastic windows. They reduce heat loss several times, so you can forget about the drafts.

Paul em>

Not everyone can afford a floor heating. In this case, it comes to the aid of the usual carpet. To lay it on the floor - and the feet will be soft and, most importantly, warm.

And what about without romance? em>

Turn out the lights and light a candle, pour yourself a fragrant hot tea, take refuge blanket after selecting an interesting movie to watch. With the comfort of a cold is gone, especially when you're still warm embrace of a loved one!

As the cold weather at home in a T-shirt and shorts longer trips, buy yourself terry socks and warm pajamas to enjoy the warmth.

And do not let freeze his friends just to share with them these simple tips.



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