Quickly and effectively warm up, coming to a cold country

We will focus on how to heat a cold summer country house. That is, a house not fit for winter habitation. What I have, and I will share with you how I keep warm in this coming winter at the cottage.

Nice big stove or boiler with radiators at the time, we have not built, and two small stove in the kitchen and in one of the bedrooms — though effective for these areas, but just require too much hassle: apply wood-chop, then to constantly monitor in order to throw to a burnt-out firewood fresh. It is very annoying, especially when you need something to do in the garden and do not want to be distracted. And you can just for cares to seize the opportunity and the stove goes out. In such a situation, of course, comes the electricity.

What I not only heating your house in the cold season! It all started with conventionaloil heaters. But over time it became clear that they are not as effective as others, a new heating system.

The fact is that the heater heats the air almost exclusively around. Of course, convection, the movement of warm air up and slightly to the side, but the room in General, this radiator heats quite a long time. It can be considered useful if he's standing anywhere near you when you work behind a Desk. As for heating, the more rapid, we're talking about here, these heaters hardly suitable.

In search of solving the problem of space heating in the country I tried a lot of different options. Very helpful was the decision of the electrically heated floor. Warm floor we staged on the ground floor under the tile was laid heating cable. Feeling nice and unusual: at low temperature of the air in the room in General, feel very comfortable. The feet warm and head is cool. Tiled floor with packing solution gradually warms up and keeps the temperature, gradually giving heat to the room.

Our "warm floor" we did a very long time, even in the "last century", almost experimentally, and the husband did not believe in its effectiveness. That "forked" we then only half the amount of copper cable necessary calculations for our room. And the floor heating system is rather inert, it does not heat the floor instantly. Therefore, with the arrival of cold weather it is necessary to use additional sources of heating of rooms.

It turned out that better and faster just warms the air in a room heater or heat gun. Due to the forced air flow occurs, the active circulation of warm flow throughout the volume of the room. The room warms up very quickly, but equally quickly and cools down after you turn off the device.

He has a couple of drawbacks: it is quite noisy and consumes too much electricity 2 KW. So I stopped at a small infrared heater.

It consumes at maximum output 1.2 KW. But for my small room enough to include it in half mode, if the temperature of the walls of the house around zero degrees or slightly below. That is, a room of 16 square meters in heating mode 0.5 KW. This is enough in the bedroom on the second floor with walls half-brick, insulated with mineral wool and sheathed with clapboard, the temperature stayed near +18...+20 degrees, when the thermometer shows 0...+5 degrees.

I am installing the infrared heater to the floor or slightly above — on a chair or stool in the far corner of the room. Close to install it is inefficient. And unpleasant. Infrared heater works on the same principle as our star — the Sun. Have you ever noticed how warm the sun spring? But you only go to the shadow and immediately freeze. This is because the infrared radiation heats the air and the surface, and they then give off heat. So gives up heat to sun-warmed soil, and likewise in the room give off heat warmed the wall, surface of furniture and floor.

With infrared heaters you need to applywith caution: they are very very hot on the front side, and any object in contact with it may cause inflammation. Distance to flammable objects should be at least 40 cm And in any case can not this device than any cover!

I still have a few big UFO-heaters — model with one large heating element. But I like them less: too warm light, and smooth adjustment of power bulbs no. Thermostats installed on them, just periodically switch on the lamp to full power and then shut off. For heating the room, it may not be important, but when it is present, I feel very uncomfortable: irritating drop from the very strong heat when you turn on the lamp to sudden cold when disconnected. So I chose a small heater with two heating modes.

If you, like me, ride in the winter to the country and sometimes stay there overnight, you should purchaseElectrometry orelektroprostyni. They allow for a good warm up the bed before going to sleep. I include a mattress, laid under the usual, not too thick mattress, for some time before sleep. He manages not only warm, but dry bed, which will certainly dampen if the house stood empty and cold.

To sleep with the mattress I hesitate. Once at a friend almost did the mountain from faulty heating pads beginning to smolder blanket, and the owner nearly died of fumes. So I just carefully heated the bed and then off the mattress. This is enough to sleep warm all night. Well, if suddenly it gets cold, just turn it on briefly to warm up a bit, and then back off. Consumes a mattress or bed sheet quite a bit — 40-60 watts.

So heated I'm at the cottage now. But dreams and plans — device infrared space heating. The options are many: from the heating panels to the infrared film of flooring are laid just under the carpet.

I first learned about these systems somewhere in the year 2000-2002. Was at the international exhibition for heating the water and passing by one of the pavilions, I suddenly felt the gentle warmth. Could not understand from where it comes. No heaters in sight did not fall. Only very beautiful reproduction paintings of van Gogh, with its famous cypress trees. And near the table bustled two cute narrow-eyed Korean boy, giving visitors the pieces of some unusual film. It turned out that it was the same infrared film, which was a flat carbon rods that interconnect both sides with a special flat copper bus bar and sealed between layers of transparent plastic. And that this film was hidden under a wonderful warm picture on the wall.

What I learned subsequently about the heating system, I was very impressed.

Infrared film systems operate according to a special principle. They are not just heated, for example, flooring (tile, linoleum, carpet), as most other systems for floor heating. About 90% of the infrared radiation is in the far range. These heat rays overcome the flooring, go ahead and heat the objects that fall within their field of action. In particular, and the human body.

Unlike other systems of space heating, an infrared system is not afraid of draughts because we does not warm the air, and the rays. It does not dry the air even further ionizes.

Judging by the numerous publications of results of studies conducted by various reputable institutions, an infrared heating system is also very useful. She, like the sun's rays not only warm, but also heals the human body. Without the Sun, long-wave radiation, there would be no life on Earth. These even called biogenetic rays. It is well known that prolonged lack of sunlight negatively affects our health: the immune system falls, we are overcome disease, deteriorating health. Our body needs constant nourishment with long-wave heat.

Sick heart, kidneys, impaired blood circulation, cold, sore joints, excess weight, cellulite, skin burns, decreased immunity, digestive problems, nerve injury, skin diseases — all this, as the researchers write, successfully treated by infrared radiation. And some scientific laboratories of the USA ("O&P Medical Clinik", "Infrared Therapy Researches"), even misleading about the effectiveness of far infrared rays in destroying certain types of hepatitis, treatment of liver cirrhosis, the growth inhibition of cancer cells, the treatment of psoriasis, the increased production of own insulin in diabetics and neutralize the effects of radiation.

A small Mat of infrared film I purchased for the floor heating in the kitchen. Before that I have to have warmer feet, and between homespun carpet and cold tile was simply laid a sheet of heat insulation material is laid. On it I put a film heater, and the top track. The kitchen was much cozier. Now there is very fond of sleeping cat. But these animals are not known to sleep anywhere :)

Infrared film is laid not only in gender, but do warm the walls and ceilings, which are installed behind linings. It may look like this:

In addition to infrared heating, for yourself as an option considering even the installation of warm skirting". It is long and narrow and heaters of various systems (water and electric), which are installed at the bottom of the walls, preferably around the perimeter. By the way, the baseboard system is also come in narrow infrared film.

Experience applying the latest in our family already there. My son, the apartment has a large stained glass window from floor to ceiling was a constant source of cold. Oil heater helped modestly — window is very wide, and it would warm the air only in one place. After installing two baseboard heaters (with a length of 1 m and with a capacity of 180 watts each), the situation has changed radically. Now, not only the warm air rises along the window, but cold and not spreading on the floor as before. The floor on which children play, it became much warmer.

Oh, anddon't forget before going to warm the room, open the Windows and make a draught for five minutes. Fresh air will get warm much faster. This advice I read in a book about fireplaces. It turns out, after airing (and in any frost!) the room is heated to 7 times faster.

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