Smart House or a toy for men (continued №1)

Thanks to readers for their support previous article . I think it's time to reveal the most interesting thing in this toy - it's a foul.

For those who have not read the previous article topic. The rules allow great flexibility to control your smart home untrained person. It is only necessary to understand what Amps, Watts, to understand how it works "and" and "or" the difference between Edge trigger from Level trigger, and, finally, to have a logical mind. In general, not all that easy, but then the "Edition", which is published this article is also not for the "full humanities».

Let us get to the point. Below is a rule that turns off non-priority loads in excess of the total consumption of electricity in the summer cottage 28 A.

It usually turns off the boiler and heaters in rooms where there is no water. A similar test can be done, for example, in excess of consumption in the guest house or in the sauna or just in a particular machine.

At the entrance of the counter is automatic after 32 A. At long exceeded the total load of 32 A turn off the machine belongs. Summer residence area will remain without electricity. Rules are configured so that the total consumption in excess of 25 A to 30 A Breaking relevant non-priority users. When 30 A is turned off everything that is under the control of the smart home. Past it can pass welding at the site, the use of other tools that require a large consumption such as a vacuum cleaner, electrical, electric, etc.

Here's an example of smart home controlled shutdown of loads:

Builders came and started cooking the gate. Smart home is not all-powerful, they are connected welding machine into a free electrical outlet. At this time, the heater worked 1 and 2 dehumidifier in basements. As soon as the builders started welding, consumption has exceeded 30 A, all managed smart home users have been disconnected.

After some time, smart home includes back those consumers that are needed if the total electricity consumption allows it. An hour later the same thing happened. Priority is given to the premises with water to prevent freezing: toilet, bathroom, kitchen, the water distribution unit, etc.

Very much like me scheduled rules. Make a 2-3 schedule, and prescribes rules that will operate at the intersection of these schedules. One of them is a constant, the second - a variable.

In this case, given two schedules: one under the boiler (constant), the second (AC) - in the case of our presence in the country. Under the boiler set a schedule for saving electricity. In the evening, he turned off so that all were able to wash and 23 hours turned on to warm up fully in preferential time. Our boiler 70 liters, enough for 4-5 people. It turns out almost one complete filling of the boiler is heated at a reduced rate. Similarly termospot. For such consumers to create their (permanent) schedule. A second (variable) schedule at the time of our location there. And we have only one variable schedule.

The third condition for the inclusion of the boiler - low load on the network. Total consumption of less than 18 A for 1 minute, and wherein the boiler is off, i.e. 18 And there among his achievements load.

Maybe someone will like the idea of ​​a morning warm-up areas:

At a reduced rate in the early morning warms the coldest room, for example, a hall on the 1st floor. The rest get warm after the sun, the warmth of the kitchen, stove, etc. 2 floor warms slightly from this hall.

Here is an example of such warming:

This is usually more complicated:

The heater in the floor of a bedroom 2 turns at the intersection of two rules scheduled at a temperature below 20C, and when the total consumption enables the heater (below 18 A for 1 minute). Rules Scheduled arranged similarly to rule on the boiler control. The heater is switched on only when we plan to be on the 2nd floor of the evening, at night and during nap time (when the children are asleep). The second schedule - we are in the country, we will need a 2nd floor.

And finally, I hope, I will not be too intrusive, usually to include street drainage pump, which was mentioned in the previous article .

The pump is switched on when the level of the previous ditch pump is switched on (consume more than 10 W). The pump is switched on for 2 minutes and include the right to check whether it works. It pumps water, or just chasing it into the hose (with air traffic).

And once again I want to note that the logic of "programmer" is weak, but intelligent home - is very well developed. You can make the logical operations in brackets, however, there is no denying. In any case, well-known author of the introduction of smart home do not allow the average user to take liberties with the logic behavior of a smart home.

So, I hope I was able to reveal the subject of the article - a toy for men. In my opinion it is interesting to all shooters, hodilok et al., As all vital, useful, comfortable and economical. Smart Home combines the ability to work with software, servers, networks, WiFi, Internet, electricity, running water and many other applications.

In addition, there is an experience of implementations without using a computer in the country, using, for example, a virtual server at work (via VPN). I wonder the same could be done controlled horticulture, as a set of several adjacent suburban areas. Some people only need to include the heating cable on a water pipe. Why would he put his computer, Internet, and to sum up all the rest. He can only deliver a controlled outlet, and the outside temperature will be taken from the main portion. It will cost 4000-5000 p. Someone's house is small, there is no water, and it would be desirable to heat. There you will put a temperature sensor and a controlled outlet. The rest will do the "main land". This will cost, say, 12000r. These are not the hundreds of thousands and millions of rubles are needed for "ordinary smart homes." I've got this in the plans for this winter season.

In future articles I plan to describe what is comfort as smart home allows you to save on electricity and water, as the spreads its influence on the garden, greenhouses, seedlings, and others. Those who already have the automation of a country house or apartment?
There are motion sensors to turn on lights in the apartment or cottage.
There is a mechanical or electronic thermostat that allows you to avoid defrosting space.
I use the weekly and / or daily timer
There GSM module for remote control of heater.
There is another introduction from other manufacturers.
has a similar implementation of Ubiquiti.
Is the introduction of smart home and a backup plan, such as, GSM module for remote control of heater. Voted 13 people. 25 people abstained. Only registered users can participate in the survey. Sign , please.



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