Ilya Mitroshin evaluates the best videos of the week

On the vigil of creative cuisine made atonement for the creative director of the studio "Yellow Dog" Ilya Mitroshin.

Wilkinson - Fight For KissesIdeya good, but for my taste, not quite "tasty" execution: executed in the 3-D technology has smoothed the acuteness and tension roller has become, on the one hand, plastic and unrealistic, but on the other - well, all- still not as funny as the well-known animation like "Shrek" and "Ice Age." And the prints are not new for ideas. So, in my opinion, than the men have to compete with children with the exception of shaved skin. But that's another story ...

Nike Football - Leave NothingNe liked. Even hard to say what exactly. Whether it's our lack of understanding of mentalitetnoe football as such, or did not see a clear promise of advertising. To be honest, I did not even understand what exactly it is not necessary to leave. And therefore, I goravdo closer in spirit this is where in the head are emotional, sentimental things that for me are more suitable for it is my sense of, in fact, due to the sport. It would be interesting to check the same, but with the usual, familiar to us in football or boxing - that it would just be spectacular)))

Calvo Atun Claro - Que Tun! And here it is well done: and a very nice visuals, and "viral" a song that immediately want to sing. Just a very good and well, without a single blot and complications. Although, maybe I'm biased because the school familiar with the melody, which keeps the roller. Well, then - this is my personal and purely subjective opinion.

Land Transport New Zealand - LandminesBez words. Perfect metaphor, very good performance. Especially liked the detail of the movie, where the driver reduces speed and mines disappear, that is, no despair, and all can be corrected. Good, smart work.

EA GAMES - rolikovZanyatno series, cool. Especially good visualization syndrome computer game, even when looking up from a favorite toy, still, keep your head in the game to stay.

Columbia - Dry HeatZabavno. But with such a style, I would still be with great pleasure would look mockery of Kenny and iconic phrase: "They killed Kenny. Bastards! »

Farmers HelpPoint - rolikovNu series finally. The first work in the review, which wanted to show colleagues. Bright fun and creative video, great job with the slogan and visuals. Megarespekt creators.

Ford S-Max - BirdsA's quite another wonderful spectacle. I loved this movie even then, when I saw on TV. Elegant idea, very touching and funny video. Of course, not too strong binding to the brand but very stylish, catchy, interesting work. I give it all for their votes.

Orbit Complete - Series rolikovOtlichnoe transformation of the shopping offer in a comedy series based on the sitcom. Particularly pleased with the soundtrack, which is finally visible in person: it on the tree, then on a bench with a guitar.

Snickers Hazelnut - Galilei Prodakshen good idea, such as video continues with Ilya Muromets, but for some reason I want to say the words of Stanislavsky: "I do not believe." Not so clean left work, as it could be.

Whereupon, with respect, say goodbye to you, and please do not judge much of my comments may be explained by the effects of the proportion of virulence of the last birthday.

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