Orange scary astronauts. It is not orange planet, and some blue

In the new spot Orange, developed by the French agency Publicis Conseil, and is directed by Frederic Planchon, draws the audience's attention to the "Flag" and the unity of the people of the world that we receive from the Internet.

After Vodafone, who attended the promotion of mobile Internet in Europe in June, Orange launches an advertising campaign for its mobile services. Recall that Vodafone pursues the ambitious goal of becoming the undisputed leader in this segment, does not hide it, and the emphasis in the communication makes to the time that can be saved by using the mobile Internet - remember the movie "Rain of hours," pobivshy record the intensity of the broadcast in the UK ", and movie "Stealing Time", released recently.

Large-scale, big-budget video clip «Orange Planet» shows us the people of various nationalities in ecstasy to paint pieces of cardboard, metal, plastic, in a dark blue color. As it turns out, they do so in order to close these dark blue surface of the pieces of the planet and terribly frightened Russian cosmonauts. Still, anyone would be scared - the earth again! and disappeared. And while stunned cosmonauts linked from Baikonur, happy people standing under the blue shield and laugh - a prank gone right.

It is worth noting the soundtrack - a song Doris Day «Keep Smilin ', Keep Laughin' Be Happy», imparting roller more prokaznicheskoe mood.

Tagline: «More Fun Together» - «More fun together»

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